Award-Winning Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Kits for Controllable, Sustainable Year Round Gardening

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How Are Growing Spaces Growing Dome Greenhouses Different?

Most gardeners feel frustrated by their short growing season. At Growing Spaces, we believe everyone should have a greenhouse garden where they can sustainably grow clean, healthy food all year round - no matter where they live. We are avid gardeners ourselves and living at 7500 ft in an arid climate with only a 90 day growing season is very challenging! That's why we've created a controlled, sustainable environment so anyone can easily enjoy their dream garden all year round. Our award-winning geodesic dome greenhouse kits, used by thousands across the globe, provide a reliable ecosystem plants love - and a green oasis for you and your family - 24/7 - 365.

A new, flourishing world awaits inside a geodesic greenhouse from Growing Spaces. Join our community of happy Growing Dome Greenhouse gardeners and start thriving today!

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Are You Frustrated by a Growing Season That’s Too Short?

  • Dreading another winter buying expensive store-bought produce?
  • Tired of fighting harsh weather, predators and pests?
  • Feeling defeated about depending on ‘big food’ to feed your family?
  • Sick of wasting time and money on unreliable hoop or rectangular greenhouse kits?
  • Starting to feel like your green thumb is turning black?
  • Ready to give up gardening because it’s just not worth it for so little return?

Take Control of Your Garden. For Good.

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Growing Spaces Growing Dome Greenhouses Give You:

Choose The Growing Dome Greenhouse That’s Right For You

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15-foot Diameter Small Greenhouse Kit

$8,450$56 / Sq Ft.150 Sq Ft.15' 5" Tall Build Yours

Our smallest and most affordable Growing Dome geodesic greenhouse kit is ideal for a couple who want to grow fresh vegetables or as a hobby backyard greenhouse for container and dwarf varieties of plants, micro-greens and for starting seedlings early for outdoor gardens.

We’ll ‘Root’ for Your Success. We Promise To:

  • Help you identify your unique requirements to ensure you are set up for success and don’t sign up for more than you need.
  • Give 100% of your deposit back to you if your project stalls during the greenhouse permitting process.
  • Provide a 10-year warranty on the polycarbonate greenhouse panels, 5-year structural and extend the manufacturer’s warranty on all parts.
  • Help you install your Growing Dome Geodesic Greenhouse if you need assistance, either in person at your site, or via phone/email support.
  • Provide a 24/7 Support Community via Facebook, our Growing Dome Owners Club and our online Resource Library

Restaurants / Commercial

Surpass your competitors as an independent, profitable trailblazer in your marketplace.

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Community Gardens

Create a thriving, cooperative model community providing food for everyone

Learn About Community Greenhouses

Schools / Reservations

Become a super educator setting kids on fire about growing their own healthy food

Learn About School Greenhouses

Start planning your year-round dream garden today!