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Customize Your Growing Dome

15-foot Diameter Small Greenhouse Kit
Fresh Produce for 2-3 People

$8,450 ($56/sq ft)

150 sq ft

Our smallest and most affordable geodesic greenhouse kit is ideal for a couple who want to grow fresh vegetables or as a hobby greenhouse for container and dwarf varieties of plants, micro-greens and for starting seedlings early for outdoor gardens.  Flowers also flourish in this energy-efficient greenhouse.

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Fresh Produce for 3-4 People
18-foot Diameter Greenhouse Kit

$10,550 ($42/sq ft)

250 sq ft

The 18-foot Growing Dome geodesic greenhouse kit is a wonderful way for small families and backyard gardeners to enjoy a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  This kit is a great size for producing organic fruits and vegetables for your family of 3-4. It has a small footprint, and is also great for urban gardening.  All of our greenhouse kits are available with optional weather upgrades for desert climates and windy environments.

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22-foot Diameter Greenhouse Kit
Fresh Produce for 4-5 People

$14,150 ($40/sq ft)

350 sq ft

Our 22-foot Growing Dome geodesic greenhouse kits are ideal for medium to large families wanting to control their own food source.  Greenhouse kits from Growing Spaces provide the optimal environment for growing fresh, organic vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers using solar energy.  The additional height of the 22-foot greenhouse allows you to grow grapes, figs and dwarf citrus trees up high with lots of room for everything else below canopy.  All of our geodesic Growing Dome greenhouses feature heat-activated automatic opening vents and an above ground pond to stabilize temperatures year-round.

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Fresh Produce for 5-6 People
26-foot Diameter Greenhouse Kit

$18,250 ($33/sq ft)

550 sq ft

The 26-foot geodesic dome greenhouse kit is our top seller for families and growers.  At $33 per square foot these spacious garden greenhouses grow enough to feed a household of 5-7 people.  This greenhouse kit provides an optimized solar-powered environment to grow organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, and beautiful plants and flowers.  Many smaller families also choose this size so they can have leisure space to relax and enjoy the subtropical climate or so they can have surplus food to store, sell or give to neighbors.  Also a suitable size for schools where they can use the extra space for a small classroom.  This mid-size greenhouse kit includes a solar powered cooling fan. 

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33-foot Diameter Greenhouse Kit
Fresh Produce for 8-10 People

$24,950 ($29/sq ft)

850 sq ft

Communities and schools benefit from Growing Dome geodesic greenhouse kits by being able to offer a serene environment for people to learn about healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Growing Spaces’ large geodesic dome greenhouses are ideal for schools and use solar energy to grow organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs, along with fruit trees and ornamental flowers to create a lush forest garden. Our 33-foot diameter greenhouse kits function well in both modest and harsh climates.  Our 33-foot geodesic dome greenhouse kit is a favorite size for school greenhouses and community gardens.

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Fresh Produce for Community
42-foot Diameter Large Greenhouse Kit

$39,450 ($30/sq ft)

1300 sq ft

The 42-foot diameter Growing Dome is our largest geodesic greenhouse and is ideal for growing a forest of plants, fruits and vegetables.  Large Growing Dome greenhouse kits make ideal structures for horticulturalists, market gardeners and communities to extend the growing season of popular fruits and vegetables, to protect crops from harsh climates, and to get a big head-start with seedling propagation. This geodesic greenhouse features two doors with windows for easier access and include 2 115V electric cooling fans (solar upgrade optional) and 2 solar attic fans for optimal cross ventilation.  The 42-foot greenhouse kit offers maximum space to produce fresh, organic vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers year-round.

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