Greenhouse Gardening: Where Education Thrives


Greenhouse Gardening: Where Education Thrives



Over the years, Growing Dome® greenhouse owners have experimented and have found that the Growing Dome serves as a wonderful space for year-round indoor gardening.

Greenhouse gardening is a little different than growing outside. The protected environment has its unique qualities which encourage the vibrant and healthy growth of plants. You can grow almost anything in a greenhouse, from salad greens, peppers, berries to grapes, flowers, and fruit-bearing trees. Depending on the design of your greenhouse, it can be an all-around spot for sowing seeds to enjoying seasonal harvests.

Our Growing Dome, in particular, is designed for the most efficient use of space possible, all while giving you room to add living features and upgrades, like a solar-powered waterfall. You’ll enjoy three levels of horizontal gardening, too, for your climbers and creepers, as well as trees.

Be Nature’s Student

Because you’re not stunted by weather conditions and or pests, you’ll get to see how different plants should grow. You’ll see them produce optimal yields, even in the midst of winter. As the seasons unfold, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of nature. The most important lesson you’ll learn is that you don’t need to use chemicals to have a thriving garden.

Winter Planting

Greenhouse gardening is arguably the best way to enjoy a cornucopia of fresh produce throughout the winter. If you also have an outdoor garden, your dome can serve as a safe and warm shelter for crops and plants that may not survive the frost. Our Growing Dome is designed to provide an ideal environment for all sorts of plants, including tropical, cold-weather, and desert plants.

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