Community Greenhouse Projects: Where Connection Thrives

Community Greenhouse Projects: Where Connection Thrives

“In our everyday lives, we may accept change grudgingly. In the garden, however, we nurture and celebrate its stunning beauty. All community-gardens-joyfuljourney-photogardens remind us that we are part of a larger universe.” – Lauri Brunton and Erin Fournier from “The Sanctuary Garden”

In many parts of the world, neighborhood and community gardening is a popular way to eat healthy, connect with one another, and become educated on nature and gardening. But this trend is just starting to pick up in America.

Over the years, our larger Growing Domes® have been a central piece for dozens of school greenhouses and community gardens. Our community greenhouses have provided a living classroom and central hub of activity. But they can be more – they can offer refuge and a cost-effective alternative to local growers who wish to grow organic produce sustainably and efficiently.


In the rugged terrain and unpredictable, often harsh, weather of the Rocky Mountains, the ideal growing season is reduced to 90 days. Only a sizable amount and a limited variety of plants would survive the winter. Sometimes, even on a fair spring day, a bitter frost or hailstorm would come out of nowhere.

Our commercial greenhouse dome kits are designed for this purpose. We enable farmers to supply their community’s demand for organic produce and get bigger, healthier yields throughout the year. With its passive solar design and incredible strength, your business will thrive year-round, and you can reap the rewards of your investment in no time.  Communities usually prefer one of our larger domes, typically a  33-foot diameter greenhouse or a 42-foot diameter greenhouse.  We’d love to help you figure out which of our geodesic greenhouse kits works best for your community.




All you need to do is contact us, send us the details of your greenhouse site and plans, then we’ll give you a personalized quote. Once you receive your dome kit and start assembling, our technical support team will be available whenever you need help. We will also send manuals, demos, and projects for inspiration.


Before you fill out the Request a Quote form, please review our pricing and product information here.
Keep your businesses or community healthy, happy, and thriving year-round with a commercial or community greenhouse dome kit from Growing Spaces.



  • We are writing a grant to help purchase this for our cooperative garden. What other materials/expenses can we expect? Cement, gravel, rock, cinder block, plumbing, venting etc.

    • Joanna, thank for your comment.  The cost of the extra materials will depend on what size dome you are looking for. Reach out to us at for a custom quote and estimate for owner-supplied items, soil, raised beds and foundation. We would recommend a 42′ Growing Dome for a community Garden.

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