Frequently Asked Questions


You can keep your greenhouse cool…even in the heat of summer. A greenhouse is designed to trap heat. They are bound to get hot, but you don’t want them to get too hot. Similar to winter gardening, the Growing Dome has features to keep your Growing Dome cool in the summer. In this article we discuss 7 ways to cool your Growing Dome.


The size of the water tank was determined based on the volume required to maintain adequate thermal mass for each dome size. Approximate volumes for the water tank are:

•    15′ Growing Dome ~ 600 gallons
•    18′ Growing Dome ~ 700 gallons
•    22′ Growing Dome ~ 1,000 gallons
•    26′ Growing Dome ~ 1,200 gallons
•    33′ Growing Dome ~ 2,300 gallons
•    42′ Growing Dome ~ 3,200 gallons

We also highly recommend you have a variety of aquatic plants in your water tank to prevent algae and provide nutrients for your fish.


One of the reasons you are gardening in a Growing Dome is to grow healthy organic food without using harmful chemicals. Controlling pests in your greenhouse is an important step, and can be done effectively and organically. We walk you through the most effective methods for Organic Pest Management.


Mold and mildew are both types of fungi that grow best in warm, humid environments. Knowing optimal growth conditions for common greenhouse fungi allows greenhouse gardeners to prevent growth of harmful fungi by maintaining a greenhouse environment that doesn’t optimize growth conditions for fungi. So, the best solution to mold is prevention!


What do you need to consider when you are dreaming of having a greenhouse?
We have put together a list of questions you might ask yourself, and we try to provide some thought-provoking ideas for you to ruminate on.


We have six different sizes of Growing Dome, raging from 15 foot diameter all the way up to 42 foot. To get an idea of the space you will need, put a peg in the ground and draw a circle the length of the radius of the dome size you are thinking of.


Planting year-round in a Growing Dome takes some planning but done correctly you will have a continuous supply of fresh fruits and vegetables in all 4 seasons. We give you some helpful hints in determining your planting schedule, and some specific information based on your climate zone.



Winter gardening in your Growing Dome is an amazing experience. Walking in your dome from the lifeless vegetation outside into a thriving garden is an enlightening experience. We walk you through the Growing Dome features that enable winter gardening with no external power and discuss some reasons why you might want to heat your Growing Dome in the winter.

All of our Growing Dome Geodesic Greenhouse Kits include features that make gardening year-round a joy.  Learn more about the benefits of a geodesic greenhouse and compare different types of greenhouses.  Our team knowledge team would love to discuss how well a Growing Dome greenhouse will grow produce year-round in your area.




Our passive solar greenhouse design not only provides year round growing, but it also provides superior engineering and durability in a variety of environments. Unlike some solar greenhouse kits, the Growing Dome® geodesic greenhouse withstands wind, snow, heat, and a variety of harsh weather conditions.


We have Growing Domes that are more than 20 years old. Even then, we can refurbish the polycarbonate and structural elements as needed, to give another 20 years of life to this amazing product.


You are wondering how much do they cost?  The base price for a Growing Dome greenhouse kit ranges from about $8,000 for a 15-foot diameter dome to about $40,000 for a 42-foot diameter dome.  All of our sizes and prices can be found here.  These prices do not include Shipping, Installation and Owner Supplied items.  You will also need to add your raised beds, soil or talk to us about Customization options.


The rectangular style greenhouse was imported from Europe. When brought to the USA, it simply does not work (except in a maritime climate.) It will cook your plants in the summer and freeze them in the winter. Find out more about the benefits of the Growing Dome design.


Once you have your Growing Dome constructed, your planting beds built, your soil rich in organic materials, it is time to start planting! Here are some gardening tips every new greenhouse gardener should know to ensure immediate success!


The unique combination of energy-efficient features that come with the Growing Dome enable it to grow cool weather crops all winter long without any extra heating costs in many climates of the USA. We have found the Growing Dome requires two thirds less the amount of heat than other greenhouses.


Start planning your year-round dream garden today!