Customize your Growing Dome Greenhouse for any Climate!

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  • Solar Powered Accessories to Reduce Fossil Fuels

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Greenhouse Accessories for Growing Dome Geodesic Greenhouse Kits


Desert Cooling Package

Solar Powered Cooling Fan for extra ventilation and cooling and utilizes the evaporative cooling effects of a full-surround Misting System that easily connects to your garden hose.

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Solar-Powered Waterfall

The solar powered waterfall provides aeration for the above ground pond, a unique feature included in your Growing Dome kit, which adds oxygen to the water for the fish.

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Customization & Raised Bed Options

Customize your Growing Dome to match the look and feel of your house or neighborhood.  Both the 24″ external siding and the door can be designed to suit your landscape.  Also, the 24” foundation wall creates a natural base for external raised beds. You can customize your internal garden beds to maximize plant production, or get creative and design an extra space as a garden getaway.

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Extra Greenhouse Door

Only Recommended for 26’ and 33’ Kits

An extra door provides easy entry and exit for large classroom and community gatherings. With both doors open to the greenhouse, this greatly augments cross ventilation which helps cool these larger geodesic dome greenhouses.

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Extra Solar Cooling Fan

Add a 12″ Solar Powered Cooling Fan for extra ventilation, air circulation, and cooling. Entire assembly includes: 12 volt fan, solar panel, wire, framing, shutter, piston, and glazing hood. Only the 26′ Growing Dome comes standard with one.

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Solar Cooling Fan Upgrade

33’ and 42’ Kits Only

If your 33’ or 42’ Growing Dome is going to be far from electrical service or if you would rather be off-grid, replace the standard 110v electric fans with 12 volt solar cooling fans.

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Extra 115v Electric Cooling Fan

Electric (115v) Cooling Fans are included in the 33′ and 42′ Growing Dome kits. Add an additional fan for greater cooling and air circulation.

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Twin-Wall (8mm) Polycarbonate Panels

Limited Availability Based on Geographic Region
Not Available on 33’ and 42’ Kits

We only recommend that you use twin wall glazing if your average minimum winter temperature is 15 to 20 °F, or warmer (USDA climate zone 8b or warmer).

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Solar Attic Fan

The 42′ comes with two, the 33′ comes with one, and one fan is available as an upgrade for the 26′ Growing Dome.

The solar attic fan mounts on the top of the large Growing Dome kits for superior ventilation and air circulation. The attic fan is great in areas with high wind loads. Up to 1700 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of air flow.

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Windy Weather Package

The Windy Weather Package now comes standard on all Growing Domes

Reinforced vent openers and mounting brackets will keep your automated vent openers secure even in extreme winds.  We always recommend facing the vents in the direction of the prevalent winds, but in many areas you don’t know which way the wind will be coming from.  Therefore we ship all Growing Domes with this package and/or Solar Attic Fans for improved reliability.

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