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Backyard Gardeners

Join thousands of home gardeners who are saving money and increasing their health and wellness through Growing Dome® gardening.

Enjoy fresh tomatoes and basil in the winter…and the peace of mind knowing the fruits, vegetables and herbs you are feeding your family year-round come from your own controllable source.

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Farmers / Growers

Small farmers and growers are extending their growing seasons and increasing production through the use of Growing Dome® greenhouses.

The advantage of being able to grow year-round despite harsh conditions provides a competitive advantage. The Growing Dome’s energy-efficient solar greenhouse allows small farms to start their plants earlier and grow vegetables and plants for markets all winter!

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Restaurants / Commercial

The demand for farm-to-table food is growing rapidly. By producing your own food right outside the door, you can avoid the typical sourcing issues, food safety concerns and the limitations of seasonal harvests.

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Schools / Education / Reservations

A Growing Dome® has proven itself to be the ultimate “ecology lab” at hundreds of schools in the US and Canada. Students harvest herbs, vegetables and medicinal plants in their specimen gardens. They experiment with solar power, seasonal cycles, techniques for organic gardening, fish production and seed saving. And perhaps more importantly, these living classrooms instill a greater sense of respect for our environment and earth amongst our future generations.

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Community Organizations

Larger Growing Domes® are a cornerstone for dozens of schools and communities in their garden projects. Community greenhouses can provide a living classroom and central hub of activity. They can also offer refuge and a cost-effective alternative to local growers who wish to grow organic produce sustainably and efficiently.

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Organizations We Support

Organizations We Support

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