Terms and Conditions: Products and Services

Updated December 14, 2023

The following Terms and Conditions apply to Growing Spaces® Products and Services.  At the time of purchase, you will be asked to review and sign a Product, Shipping and Installation Agreement with these terms.  Please review carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

Please refer to our Website Terms and Conditions for the use of this Web site (growingspaces.com) as well as all transactions conducted through this site.


The Growing Dome® comes with a 5-year warranty by Growing Spaces® against structural failure of the Growing Dome® struts and hubs, given regular maintenance. The structural warranty does not include the foundation. The polycarbonate greenhouse glazing is warranted by the manufacturer against hail damage and yellowing (pro-rated for 10 years). Growing Spaces® shall pass on all warranties for other parts of the Growing Dome® from the manufacturer to the Purchaser. Warranties will be considered void if the Purchaser alters the design of the Growing Dome® or its features and/or if the Growing Dome® is used for a purpose other than a greenhouse.


Estimates are good for 30 days. A 50% deposit and this signed agreement are required to place and schedule an order. When these two conditions are met, the purchaser will receive Growing Spaces® stamped engineered plans and the Growing Dome® owner documents. The remainder of your invoice shall be paid one week before shipment of the Growing Dome® kit.

If you hire Growing Spaces® to install your dome, a 50% deposit is also required to schedule the installation.  The installation portion of your remaining balance shall be paid within one week after completion of the work performed by Growing Spaces. If the balance is not paid by this date, the unpaid balance shall accrue interest at a rate of 10% annually until paid in full, accrued daily starting 30 days after the due date. The Purchaser also promises to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees.

We accept payment by purchase order, check, wire transfer, electronic check, ACH, and all major credit/debit cards. If financing, please refer to the terms of the financier.


Should the Purchaser find it necessary to cancel his/her Growing Dome® order earlier than 20 business days from the scheduled shipment, delivery, or pick-up date, all funds paid to Growing Spaces® for said Growing Dome® will be returned to the Purchaser within 90 days of contract cancellation. In the case that the Growing Dome® order is canceled within 20 business days of the scheduled shipment, delivery, or pick-up date, Growing Spaces® reserves the right to withhold 10% of the entire amount of the invoice and agrees to refund the remaining 90% within 90 days of contract cancellation. Cancellations and refunds are not available for custom orders or orders that require Growing Spaces® to make alterations to its standard Growing Dome® designs.

Exceptions may be made to the above cancellation policy when the Purchaser attempts to and is not able to receive permission from their building department or Home Owners Association (HOA) to build the Growing Dome® AND the Purchaser has not yet received the kit. A letter of denial from the Building Department or HOA must be submitted to Growing Spaces® to waive the 10% cancellation fee, but we strongly recommend obtaining your building permit and HOA approval as early as possible.

Should the Purchaser find it necessary to cancel or change his/her Growing Dome® Installation date within 20 business days of the scheduled install date, any relevant travel expenses or change fees will be the Purchaser’s responsibility and 20% of the installation costs will be applied to the invoice. This may also mean a delay beyond what the Purchaser expected.

Changes to the Growing Dome® Kit and accessories ordered may not be made within 20 business days of the scheduled ship date unless agreed upon by Growing Spaces®.


Growing Spaces® reserves the right to determine the method of shipping or delivery and will do its best to accommodate the Purchaser’s preferred shipment date and location.  Shipping fees are non-refundable. The risk of loss or damage for all merchandise ordered through Growing Spaces® passes to the “shipping carrier” when the merchandise is picked up by the “shipping carrier”. We will assist with tracking information and with submitting damage claims to the carrier. If you wish for us to assist with your claim to the shipping carrier any missing items and/or damage claims must be brought to the attention of Growing Spaces® IMMEDIATELY upon receipt of your kit. Upon receipt of the kit, please review the enclosed packing list take pictures of any shipment damage, and send them to Growing Spaces®. Also, the Purchaser must note any damages on the freight papers when signing for the delivery.

Growing Dome® kits typically take 2-6 weeks to manufacture, depending on size and time of year. Once the 50% deposit is received, Growing Spaces® and the Purchaser will jointly agree on a shipment date based on current lead times. Change fees may apply if the Purchaser decides to alter the original agreed-upon date or location within 10 business days of the scheduled ship date. If the Purchaser contacts Growing Spaces® to change the shipment date in 10 or fewer business days before the original ship date, an $800 Change Fee will be applied to the account and the Purchaser will receive a new ship date based on availability. This may mean a delay beyond what the Purchaser expected.

If the order includes custom changes to the original kit for engineering or other purposes, and the shipment is delayed, a daily storage rate will apply to store the custom Growing Dome® Kit at the Growing Spaces® facility. Storage fees accrue from the original established shipment or delivery date until the date the kit leaves the Growing Spaces® facility. Daily storage rates for 15’-26’ Growing Domes® accrue at $50.00 per day and 33’ or 42’ Growing Domes® accrue at $100.00 per day. Exceptions apply on a case-per-case basis.

Specific instructions for offloading your kit will be provided by Growing Spaces®. Knowledge of delivery location conditions will help Growing Spaces® plan and find the best shipping solution for you. Please notify the Shipping Coordinator and the shipping carrier when contacted, if any, of the characteristics below describe your delivery location, as often the shipping carrier has a large freight truck:

  • Narrow or single-lane road
  • Bridges with weight limit or other limitations
  • Tight curves in the road
  • Steep grades
  • Limited turnaround space
  • Unpaved road
  • Seasonal weather conditions may affect roads (ice, snow, mud, etc.)

If Growing Spaces® delivers your kit in our vehicles, Growing Spaces® assumes all responsibility for the merchandise until it is delivered to your site. The kit will be delivered with a truck and trailer, so suitable road conditions must also exist for a large truck and trailer.


If the Purchaser chooses to pick-up the Growing Dome® kit from our location in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, the Purchaser will need an enclosed trailer of the appropriate size for his/her dome (your Growing Dome® Advisor will tell you what size you need). In the instance that the Purchaser shows up with a flatbed, there will be an additional loading fee and the Purchaser must provide tie-downs and covers. The risk of loss or damage for all merchandise ordered through Growing Spaces® passes to you when the merchandise leaves our facility. Pickup, Loading and Crating fees are non-refundable.

Once Growing Spaces® and the Purchaser agree on a pickup date for the Growing Dome® Kit, penalties will apply for the Purchaser should he/she decide to alter the original agreed upon date. If the Purchaser contacts Growing Spaces® to change the pickup date in 20 or less business days prior to the original date, an $800 Change Fee will be applied to the account and the Purchaser will receive a pickup date based on Growing Spaces® availability. This may mean a delay beyond what the Purchaser expected.

If the order includes custom changes to the original kit for engineering or other purposes, and the pickup is delayed, a daily storage rate will apply to store the custom Growing Dome® Kit at the Growing Spaces® facility. Storage rates for custom kits will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Storage fees accrue from the original established pick-up date until the date the kit leaves the Growing Spaces® facility. Daily storage rates for 15’-26’ Growing Domes® accrue at $50.00 per day and 33’ or 42’ Growing Domes® accrue at $100.00 per day. Exceptions apply on a case-per-case basis.


Should the Purchaser find it necessary to return his/her Growing Dome® order after it has shipped, the Purchaser shall be responsible for all shipping costs to and from his/her location. The Purchaser shall also be responsible for a 10% restocking fee.  If crated, the crates shall be unopened, and the lumber pallet shall have its original banding and packaging. If picked-up or delivered without crates, the Purchaser is responsible for returning the entire kit in the as-received condition and quantities.


Information on our Sites may contain typographical errors, inaccuracies, or omissions that relate to product descriptions, pricing, promotions, offers, and availability. We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information or cancel orders if any information on the Sites is inaccurate at any time without prior notice (including after you have submitted your order). In the event we make a change to or cancel an order, we will attempt to notify you by contacting the email, phone number and/or billing address provided at the time the order was made.


If the Purchaser chooses to have a permit or approval from a building department or a Home Owner’s Association (HOA), he/she shall be responsible for obtaining necessary permits and approvals needed for his/her location. Growing Spaces® agrees to provide the drawings and any structural analyses of the Growing Dome® that we have in-house. If the building department requires further documentation (i.e., a wet stamp for their particular Growing Dome® location or modifications to the engineered drawings), the Purchaser agrees to pay for any extra costs entailed, as well as any extra costs for structural items required by an engineer above and beyond our standard kit to meet your local building requirements.  Again, it is highly recommended to obtain your building permit and HOA approval as soon as possible, so it does not delay the shipping or installation.


The inventory availability information presented at the time of purchase is the most current inventory we have, but is subject to change. If for some reason a component of a Growing Dome® kit, package, or upgrade is not available at the time of shipment, we will notify you via a phone call that the item has been back-ordered. You will also receive a parts checklist with your crate that will indicate that this item or items have been back-ordered. We will ship the item to you free of charge as soon as we receive the item in stock and will do our best to expedite the process.


Neither Party will be liable for any failure or delay in performing an obligation under this Agreement that is due to any of the following causes, to the extent beyond its reasonable control: acts of God, accident, riots, war, terrorist act, epidemic, pandemic (including the COVID-19 pandemic), quarantine, civil commotion, natural catastrophes, governmental acts or omissions, changes in laws or regulations, national strikes, fire, explosion, or generalized lack of availability of raw materials or energy.


Both parties will attempt to resolve any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement through friendly negotiations among the parties. Any controversies or disputes arising out of or relating to this Agreement will be resolved by binding arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitrator’s award will be final, and judgment may be entered upon it by any court having proper jurisdiction.


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Colorado.  All disputes not resolved through mediation or arbitration shall be resolved in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado.  


The Purchaser hereby agrees to protect the confidential information and trade secrets of Growing Spaces® as it applies to this unique structure and features. If the Purchaser or anyone, with whom he/she is connected wishes to reproduce, imitate or copy the Growing Dome® structure, parts or features thereof, he/she must refrain from doing so unless they receive explicit written authorization from Growing Spaces®.

Customer agrees to use the branded terms “Growing Dome®” and “Growing Spaces® ” when referring to the geodesic dome greenhouse in any published mediums including but not limited to: print, radio, television, blogs, video logs, YouTube videos or any form of social media that can be accessed by the public. References to Growing Spaces® and Growing Dome® on the web should also be accompanied by a link to growingspaces.com, where appropriate.

Social media posts shall mention and tag Growing Spaces® and Growing Dome® (i.e. @GrowingSpacesGreenhouses (Facebook), @growing_spaces (Instagram), #GrowDome, #GrowingDome)


When purchasing a Growing Dome as an Owner Self-Install, Growing Spaces® will provide detailed installation instructions and videos. This information is PROPRIETARY and shall not be shared or distributed without the explicit written authorization from Growing Spaces®. Growing Spaces® is not responsible if the Growing Dome® does not meet the workmanship standards detailed in the instructions or for any structural or material failures caused by incorrect installation. Growing Spaces® is available to help by phone and offers after-hours and weekend support. Limits may apply.


Installation Cost DOES Include: Building the Growing Dome® structure with door, gravel ring, ventilation mechanisms, standard solar electric devices, north wall insulation, metal flashing for lining the foundation wall, anchoring devices, polycarbonate glazing, tape, trim, and installation of the water tank. When a permit has been obtained, building the Growing Dome® to the engineered specifications for the parts mentioned above is included.


Installation Cost DOES NOT include: Site leveling, foundation (concrete piers nor concrete wall), plumbing, 110 volt electricity, interior growing beds, soil, placement of the under-soil heating pipes, optional under-soil blue board skirt, or optional hardware cloth and landscape fabric. Growing Spaces® will not be liable for the above mentioned. Installation of these items can be undertaken by our Certified Installers if Growing Spaces® and the Purchaser (or his/her agents) mutually agree on the costs and time for the extra labor. Installation of packages and upgrades are an additional fee ($95-$595 per option) when hiring a Full Crew, dependent on package/upgrade and will be included in your quote. If custom designed items are requested by the owner, the installation of these items will be billed at Growing Spaces® standard rate of $70/hr. for crew members and $95/hr. for Supervisors.


A Full Crew Installation includes a completed Growing Dome® build at your site. We make our best effort to accurately determine the time it takes the crew to travel and complete the build. If the crew is unable to fully complete some components of the installation, due to circumstances out of our control, we will instruct the Purchaser in what needs to be done before leaving the site. If the site is not prepared as agreed when the crew arrives, we cannot guarantee a completed project. Weather conditions or inventory shortages may also delay the build. If this is the case, we may elect to return at a future date, and/or refund a portion of your installation fee that is proportional to the size of the project.

Our full crew installation warranty covers any major leaks that are caused by missing tape, the tape not adhering properly, or not being applied in the correct locations.  This warranty is good for 30 days from the installation completion date and the customer must be able to provide Growing Spaces with proper documentation of the issue. The warranty does not cover minor leaks around the edge of the vents, around fan hoods, hubs, above door, or manufacturer indents in the polycarbonate. These can be easily repaired with a small patch of tape over the affected area. Your Growing Spaces installer will leave you with extra tape and explain how to properly patch small leaks. Be aware that condensation build-up inside the Growing Dome can occur and may present the same way as a small leak would.


A Supervisor or Supervisor +1 installation includes a specific number of hours per person, based on the size of Growing Dome.  Our Installation Coordinator and Growing Dome Adviser will let you know the recommended number of helpers and skill level for your Growing Dome® size or project.  The customer shall provide at least one additional skilled worker than our regular crew.  If the helpers do not have much construction experience, additional helpers may be required.  See table below for reference.

Dome Size15′18′22′26′33′42′
Hours per Person162428323640
Full Crew Size223334
Sup Only Helpers2-32-33-53-53-5N/A
Sup + 1 HelpersN/AN/A2-42-42-43-5

Our supervisors make their best effort to help the Purchasers and their helpers complete the build while onsite.  If circumstances out of our control make it impossible to complete the installation within the time allotted, the supervisor will instruct the Purchaser on what needs to be done while doing his or her best to satisfy the needs of the customer.  It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to provide the recommended number of helpers with the appropriate skill level.


If the build site is located over 60 miles from the nearest Growing Spaces® crew, your quote will include standard costs for crew travel, meals and accommodations. Typically, our crew will drive distances less than 400 miles, in which case installation travel would include mileage, travel meals per diem and lodging. Greater than 400 miles installation travel would ALSO include non-flight travel time, flight time, parking, baggage and airfare unless otherwise quoted or agreed upon. Pricing is for flights in the U.S. 48 contiguous states ONLY. Custom quotes will be provided for flights to AK, HI or internationally.  Pricing does NOT include car rental.

If we are unable to find suitable lodging near the site, we may ask the Purchaser to assist in making reservations. If Purchaser is making the lodging reservations, we require indoor accommodations and one bedroom per person with a private bathroom.

If suitable lodging is not available due to either being unreasonably far offsite or costly, we may ask if there are suitable accommodations at the site. We require indoor accommodations, three full meals per day per person, one bed per person, and one full bathroom available for the crew. The fee for lodging and meals would then be refunded to the Purchaser.

Should the Purchaser need to change the installation dates of his/her Growing Dome®, any extra expense for changing the flights and/or accommodations for Certified Installers will be the Purchaser’s responsibility in addition to the Change Fees referenced above.


The Growing Dome® prefabricated kits are optimized for cost and shipping. There are some items that are too bulky or costly to ship to your location and are readily available at your local hardware or HVAC store. A complete list of these items will be provided in your owner documents, and approximate costs for these materials are listed on our web site. (The owner supplied items lists and estimated costs can be found on the website at growingspaces.com/owner-supplied-items/.)


In the case that the Purchaser has hired Growing Spaces® Certified Installers, the Owner Supplied Items required for the construction of the dome must be at the building site at the time the Certified Installers arrive. (There are some exceptions listed on the Owner Supplied list that are completed by the Purchaser after installation.) Purchasers of 33’ and 42’ Growing Domes® must provide ladders (with stand offs) and scaffolding (with locking wheels) as listed on the Owner Supplied Items.


The Growing Dome® shall be installed on a site that is cleared and is within 2 inches of level. This shall be completed prior to the crew’s arrival and verified with a proper instrument i.e.: transit or laser level. If the Growing Dome® is to be installed on a concrete foundation, the concrete must be within 1/4 inch of level and also verified by a transit or laser level. Cement pier locations shall also be verified with a tape measure, fixture or by using the base struts if the kit has already arrived. Pictures of the site may be requested by your Growing Dome® Advisor or Installation Coordinator.

If a building permit is necessary, proof of the acquired permit must be provided to Growing Spaces® before our crew departs. Should the Certified Installers arrive at the site deemed ready by the Purchaser and find that it is not ready or suitable, the Purchaser agrees to pay the Certified Installers an hourly rate of $70/hr. for crew members and $95/hr. for Supervisors while the site preparation is satisfactorily completed, or to complete the site preparation in order to install the Growing Dome®.  The Purchaser understands that the Certified Installers may not have the allotted time for such work and construction on the Growing Dome®, which means that Growing Spaces® Certified Installers may have to be rescheduled with additional travel costs incurred at the expense of the Purchaser.

Due to the great amount of variables (materials, logistics, etc.) all dates must remain flexible and are not guaranteed under any circumstances.

We are first and foremost here for you, the customer, and are available to assist with your order, answer questions and help you become a successful Growing Dome® year-round gardener. Call us at 800-753-9333 or email at info@growingspaces.com with any questions.