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Small farmers and growers are extending their growing seasons and increasing production through the use of the Growing Dome® greenhouse.

By partnering with Growing Spaces®, greenhouse growers are able to learn about growing in harsh conditions as well as organic gardening tips. The Growing Dome with its energy-efficient solar greenhouse allows small farms to start their plants earlier and can even grow vegetables and plants in the winter!


Grow the freshest and tastiest product

Inside the friendly confines of a Growing Dome, plants don’t have to fight against nature and can use all of their energy to grow!  Heads of cabbage and cauliflower will grow to the size of a basketball!  Not having the stress from being outside also enhances their flavors and avoids bitterness.  

Start a CSA in your neighborhood

Community Assisted Agriculture is a growing trend in neighborhoods across America, where consumers can get their product directly from local organic farms.  This both supports the local organic agriculture industry, as well as providing families with a healthy and sustainable food source.  Many CSAs are using Growing Dome Greenhouses to extend their growing seasons and improve yields.


Expand Your Local Market Share

Are you interested in learning how much the investment would be for your particular site? To request a personalized quote, you can call us at 800-753-9333 or fill out the Request a Quote form and one of our Growing Dome Advisers will contact you.  Small farmers can utilize the 22-foot diameter Growing Dome to produce organic vegetables for farmer’s markets or farm stands.   But for maximum production, farmers tend to choose the 42-foot Growing Dome.  For additional pricing and product information, click here.

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