Testimonials from Home Greenhouse Gardeners Who Enjoy Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs & Flowers All Year Long

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Join thousands of homeowners who are saving money and increasing their health and wellness through our Growing Dome® Backyard Greenhouse Kits.

Enjoy fresh basil in the winter…or the peace of mind knowing the fruits, vegetables and herbs your family is eating are from your own year-round garden.

I am very pleased with my Growing Dome. My expectations have been exceeded. This is a product designed and supported by environmentally conscious souls. I can now grow my veggies, fruit trees and flowers year round in beautiful Evergreen Colorado without worry of a hail storm or shortened growing season. Touching the dirt is healing. Thank You Growing Spaces!” – Jeff, 22 ft Growing Dome Owner



A Thriving Oasis Throughout The Year

There’s nothing more reassuring and satisfying than growing your own food to feed the family, in all 4 seasons.  For many home gardeners, especially in cold locations, setting up a greenhouse is essential to having a succession of fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits throughout the year.

But traditional designs and limited know-how could lead to future problems with the greenhouse.  Growing Spaces’ prefabricated residential greenhouse kit is the solution to this concern.  It is high quality, heavy duty, UV protected and able to withstand extreme weather.

A Growing Dome is a unique, feel-good, healing place…you’re surrounded by green, edible stuff and beauty.  And it smells amazing!” – Richard, 22 ft Growing Dome Owner

Eco-Friendly, Energy Efficient, Low Maintenance

Our residential Growing Dome Greenhouse is just what you need to maintain a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Not only will you have an eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and productive greenhouse, you’ll also have a quiet retreat to commune with nature and bond with the family. It’s easy and fun to assemble, as well.

Owning a Growing Dome is an investment that pays for itself in just a few years — all the while providing organic, nutritious food, subsistence, and a greater quality of life for the whole family.

It is so incredible with 3 feet of snow outside to go into the dome and see plants still growing. It is so relaxing just to be inside such a beautiful environment. I have been growing plants in there now for almost 20 years.” – Josie Sifft, Pagosa Springs


Relaxing Retreat

Many backyard gardeners will use the extra space in their Growing Dome for family dinners, lounge chairs, yoga mats or simply to provide a spiritual oasis to relax and unwind.  Using the middle space literally centers you in nature, and you are surrounded by an abundance of natural wonders.  The climate allows you to relax with your coat off even in the heart of winter, and in the summer you will find the cool breezes from the ventilation just as energizing as your plants do.

“The energy and beauty of cultivating our Growing Dome has been a boon to our sanctuary and healthy retreats. We especially love our figs!” – Victoria More, Corelight Retreat Center

“It’s like a sanctuary with an English garden look, the sort of place you just want to spend lots of time. Three to four times a day we’re out here just to see what’s come up… We just love it!” – Annalisa Mather, home greenhouse gardener

Our 26-foot greenhouse kit is the most popular among backyard gardeners, as it provides plenty of extra space.  But the 22-foot Growing Dome and 18-foot Growing Domes are also very popular for families.

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