A Year-Round Greenhouse for Desert Gardeners

Growing Spaces® Growing Dome® Desert Greenhouse Kits allow plants to thrive year-round in harsh climates.

The climate in places like Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, regions of California and the Southwestern United States is extreme, from scorching heat to cold winter nights.  This environment limits the options desert greenhouse gardeners have when it comes to being able to grow fresh flowers, herbs, or vegetables.

A traditional rectangular greenhouse does not provide consistent airflow, temperature ranges, and light. The flat panels of a rectangular greenhouse will burn your plants under direct sun.  We deliberately designed our geodesic dome greenhouse kits for harsh weather conditions:
geodesic greenhouse in desert

  • Provide consistent natural light throughout the day.
  • Protect from unpredictable weather, such as flash floods, and wildlife.
  • Maintain stable temperatures plants love year-round with our shade cloths and above-ground ponds.
  • Eco-Friendly, Energy-Efficient alternative to traditional greenhouses.
  • Super-strong structure that can withstand powerful winds and hailstorms.
  • Available in a variety of sizes ranging between 15 and 42 feet in diameter.
  • Greater than 25-year lifespan, backed by a 5-year structural warranty and 10-year warranty on the polycarbonate panels.

We have designed special features specifically for this climate which help to keep your plants cool in the hot summer months and warm during the long winter nights.

Standard Growing Dome Features & Accessories

We offer an array of accessories for our Growing Spaces® Growing Dome® greenhouse kits.

Automatic Greenhouse Vent Openers

Because our automatic vent openers are heat activated, they work without electricity. Our upper and lower vents are preset at an adjustable temperature that is designed to adapt to climate conditions wherever you live. The activating pistons contain beeswax, and the melting and expansion of the beeswax trigger the mechanism. The greenhouse gets cooler when the upper vents draw hot air out so that cooler air can be sucked inside the Growing Dome through the lower vents.

The Greenhouse Shade Cloth

All of our greenhouse kits come with a shade cloth. It is beneficial for lessening the amount of sunlight that is transmitted into the greenhouse. This is critical for keeping the greenhouse cool during the hottest part of the summer in the blistering desert areas of the Southwestern United States. The shade cloth can be taken down so it does not deprive plants of the sunlight they need for continued growth.
Geodesic Greenhouse Dome Shade Cloth

Insulated Greenhouse Door/Snowshed Entry

Whether you live at high altitudes where snow is common in the mountains, or at low altitudes where desert heat and monsoonal rains are the norm, an insulated entry that is safe from the elements is vital. Our insulated door, including the small window, are standard features on all greenhouse domes.

Solar-Powered (12v) Greenhouse Cooling Fans

The solar cooling fan is a standard feature on our 26-foot greenhouse growing domes. We encourage our customers who are buying greenhouse kits in the hottest and driest desert areas of the U.S. to purchase the solar cooling fan as an add-on to our smaller greenhouses for sale.

The 2-foot Foundation Wall

We build all of our Geodesic greenhouse domes with a 24-inch insulated foundation wall. Also, our design raises the planting beds along the interior perimeter of the greenhouse domes to the same 24-inch height as the foundation wall, so your spine is not strained while gardening.

Weather Packages

Desert Cooling Package

This add-on package is a critical addition for customers who live in the desert Southwest. It comes with a solar-powered cooling fan and misting system that increases the cooling and ventilation inside your greenhouse. When connected to a garden hose, the full-surround misting system cools your greenhouse with evaporative cooling principles.

Windy Weather Package

This package, now included standard on all solar greenhouse kits, adds sturdy greenhouse vent openers to all of the vents to prevent the openers and vents from being thrashed by strong winds. The automatic greenhouse vent openers are heat activated and require no electricity to operate. Solar Attic Fans are also available upon request.

Solar-Powered Cooling Fan Upgrade

On our 33-foot and 42-foot greenhouse domes, the 115v electrical cooling fan is a standard feature. The solar-powered cooling fan upgrade is an ideal option for customers who want to run their greenhouses without dependence on the grid, or for customers for whom access to electricity is impractical or inconvenient.
The upgrade consists of 12-volt cooling fans that are wired to a thermostat that gets power from the solar panels on top of the greenhouse. We encourage our customers in the desert Southwest to add the solar-powered cooling fan upgrade to greenhouse kit purchases – along with the desert cooling package.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Growing Spaces Growing Dome desert greenhouse kits and how you can enjoy year-round gardening with a 4-season greenhouse, contact us for a free quote, or for answers to any questions you might have. Our hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Mountain Time) from Monday – Friday. You can call us at 800-753-9333. You can also use the online form to request more information.