Resources for School and Non-Profit Gardening Grants

There are so many gardening grants available to support local school, community and non-profit gardening projects. We continually update these links, and also can provide helpful information on what types of information is most useful when applying for grants. Please refer to the links below and contact us with any questions. Growing Spaces also offers a 5% discount to registered 501(c)(3) non-profits.

Links to gardening grants for 2019:

Captain Planet Foundation™ invests in high-quality, solution-based programs that embrace STEM learning and empower youth to become local & global environmental change-makers.

Gardening grants have helped many schools purchase a Growing Dome

Colorado Garden Foundation-works in all areas of gardening and has awarded more than $10 million in grants to fund horticultural related projects for Colorado.

Chef Ann’s Foundation– their mission is to provide schools and communities with the tools, training, resources and funding that enables them to create healthier food and redefine lunchroom environments

Whole Food Market Grants for an edible garden at your school or nonprofit

Gardening grants from A-Z

Junior Master Gardener Grants.

Tool box for education from Lowe’s Grant.

Scott’s Miracle Grow– Head Start Garden program and grants for at risk backgrounds for fresh produce

Western Growers Foundation– for schools in California & Arizona

Kids Gardening Open Forum Gardening Grants Helping Young Minds Grow.

Institute of Physics Grant assistances to educators

Littleton Academy
Gardening grants are also available for community projects

Youth Garden Grant Packages.

Disability Grants– Resources to help you find the right grant.

For adults only with disabilities, grants for people wanting to go back to gardening.

National Garden Bureau grants for therapeutic gardens- to bring healing for those effected by trauma.

American Community Gardening Association Fund Opportunities, support, resources and events.

America in Bloom– Eco Connexions grants program to improve communities.

National Geographic funding for projects that support the planets interconnections and collective power to change the world.

Home Depot grants are up to 5k for 501c3’s. Grants will be awarded to those serving their communities and veterans with lasting impact on their communities.

Teaching Gardens American Heart Association– Grants for implementing gardens into schools and organizations.

Annie’s Garden funder grants for growing school gardens.

The Bee Cause Project Supporting the Honey Bees- to support the success of a bee hive education program.

Big Green Real Food Grow Here– grants for greenhouses and learning garden initiatives.

Project Learning Tree– Greenworks grants- for implementing green practices into schools and environmental based service learning projects.

Salad Bars to Schools– they donate salad bars to schools.

Seed Money providing grants for food garden projects

Future Farmers of America Living to Serve Grants

Wild Ones Healing the Earth One Yard at A time

Blooming Prairie Foundation grants for innovative practices in the area of organic and natural foods

Klorane Botanical Foundation & Budding Botanist for school garden programs

Community Garden Grants

Herb Society-This grant is for the research of the horticultural, scientific, and/or social use of herbs throughout history

Fiskars provides grants for innovation, education, and biodiversity for schools and community gardens.

Head Start Garden Grants Project– to introduce children and families to healthy foods and nutrition.

Lowe’s Small Toolbox for Education supporting Grassroots community and school projects

Nature Works has awarded grants for 163 schools providing green infrastructure.

Living to Serve Grants

Whole Food Market Grants for an edible garden at your school or nonprofit

Blooming Prairie Foundation grants for innovative practices in the area of organic and natural foods

You could also try starting up a fundraiser on or

Good luck in your fundraising!