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Urban Agriculture

Many urban communities do not have access to affordable, healthy organic produce for their residents. To resolve this, communities and homeless shelters have banded together to find empty lots in their neighborhood to build community gardens. The Growing Dome® will enable residents to grow organic local food year-round, and through the building of the Growing Dome, empower the community and provide a permanent place for everybody to gather. The Growing Dome can not only improve access to organic food, but provide community education, job training and farmer incubation for urban agriculture growth and development.

“The South Chicago Farm and Community garden at Shaffer Park serves three functions. These programs provide training, mentoring, and coaching for individuals to obtain increased agricultural and growing capacity, with a focus on individuals from communities with lack of food access.”Urban Growers Collective


Become Part of a Global Trend

In many parts of the world, neighborhood and community gardening is a popular way to eat healthy, connect with one another, and become educated on nature and gardening.  But this trend is just starting to pick up in America.

Over the years, our larger Growing Domes have been a central place for dozens of schools and communities in their garden project.  Our community greenhouses have provided a living classroom and central hub of activity.  But they can be more – they can offer refuge and a cost-effective alternative to local growers who wish to grow organic produce sustainably and efficiently.

“Instead of getting our garlic from China and our avocados from Mexico…I know some of that stuff can’t grow here…but it can.  We are trying to educate people on the bigger picture and keep things local and create a hub where local growers and communities can grow the food and distribute it to whoever needs the food.  The Growing Dome is really integral to that process.  It brings the community together and reconnects people with where their food comes from.  We are trying to grow gardeners.” – Andrew, Pine River Garden Club

Designed to Thrive Anywhere Year-Round

Our community greenhouse dome kits are designed for this purpose.  We enable farmers to supply their community’s demand for organic produce and get bigger, healthier yields throughout the year.  With its passive solar design and incredible strength, your community will have a thriving year-round garden, and you can reap the rewards of your investment in no time.

“We can grow all the vegetables we can eat year-round. Last year we still had tomatoes in December! I think this is the best choice for greenhouse. It will hold up for many years. It thrives above and beyond my expectations. My garden helped me to heal from serious disease and to reclaim my life energy.” – Richard


Start Your Own Community Connection Hub

All you need to do is contact us, send us the details of your greenhouse site and plans, then we’ll give you a personalized quote.  Once you receive your dome kit and start assembling, our technical support team will be available whenever you need help.  We will also send manuals, demos, and projects for inspiration.

There are also many community garden grants available for community greenhouse projects.

“Our purpose is to do restoration and reforestation of endangered species of plants and teach healthy lifestyles in response to the crises of the survival of the Blackfeet Nation. The use of this Growing Dome put us 30 years ahead of the country in greenhouse technology.” – Wilbur

Our 42-foot diameter Growing Dome is the most popular size for community gardens to optimize bed space and allow for ADA access.

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