The Return Customers

Return_customerMeet David and Edna Allen, some home gardeners who have enjoyed their Growing Dome, enjoyed it so much in fact that they have actually bought seven of them. In this video they talk to Puja Parsons about their many Growing Domes, and some of the techniques they use to to grow all year long.


  • I have a question. I am buying a geodesic dome. I am very enthusiastic. I have been a greenhouse gardener for more than 50 years and all my greenhouses have had a system of collecting rainwater. How do I collect rainwater from a geodesic dome? I am sure it is possible but I cannot work out the best way of doing it.

    • Hello Claude,

      I am sorry our reply to you somehow did not post properly. We do have a customer that has used gutters to catch rain water on their dome. In fact, we will be visiting their dome next month and would be happy to take pictures for you! They attached the gutters at the top of the greenhouse wall where it meets the polycarbonate. The water runs off the polycarbonate into the gutters. I believe they have barrels that it collects in. I hope this helps!
      What size are you interested in?

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