Winter Gardening: Growing Spaces

Winter gardening. Can it really be productive?

Well, how about 20 varieties of food plants at the beginning of January?  In the midst of a Rocky Mountain winter?

Claudia Stover, a Growing Dome® owner of 10 years, had a visit this past weekend from Growing Spaces® owners, Puja and Udgar Parsons.

In this video, Claudia gives a tour of her 22’ Growing Dome. I’m pretty sure I counted almost 20 varieties of plant foods that she has growing, and thriving, in her Growing Dome right now, in early January.

Winter Gardening

You probably caught that the outside temperatures had been well below zero for 3 consecutive nights! -14 degrees, -13 degrees, and -12 degrees. That’s getting pretty cold.

If you have ever tried growing food all year round, and you live in a cold climate, or if you live in an area where you get a lot of snowfall, you understand the frustrations that can result.

It’s next to impossible to grow something outside, and when your snowfall accumulations look like this…

Winter Gardening Snow Accumulation

…hoop houses and cold frames can take a beating, or simply be covered in deep snow.

winter gardening hoop house

So, yes, we think the Growing Dome does a pretty good job at providing an indoor growing space, even in the middle of a heavy snowfall winter in the Rocky Mountains.

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However, despite it’s effectiveness…

… despite it’s ability to create a lush in-door nature sanctuary when outside is frozen white,

There are some disadvantages to Winter Gardening in a Growing Dome.

Udgar explains some of them here in Winter Gardening and what to do about it.

I think you’ll find that those disadvantages are a small price to pay, minor inconveniences really, when compared to the benefits of fresh organic food…

… all year round…

…right out your back door, where you can instantly transport yourself into the heart of the growing season, Where Life Thrives.

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