Farm to Table Restaurant Growing in a Growing Dome® Greenhouse

Mirabelle Restaurant, one of Vail Valley’s most reputable establishments, is leading the way with fresh food grown on-site

How does a farm-to-table restaurant source the best fresh ingredients year-round in a Colorado ski town?

Belgian-born Master Chef Daniel Joly of Mirabelle Restaurant in Beaver Creek has been a devoted Farm to Table restaurateur his entire career.  But the Growing Dome Greenhouse allows him to take his creations to the next level.

Farm to Table Taken to Another Level

The farm-to-table restaurant movement is steadily gaining ground, and rightfully so. The awareness of healthy food systems is rooted in our culture. Every year, more restaurants take the worthwhile step to source food locally, and it is a cause for celebration.

Benefits abound when a restaurant dedicates itself to sourcing local food.

  • Awareness of farm management practices where your food is grown.
  • Sourcing food in season.
  • Cultivating reciprocal and meaningful relationships with both farmers and the land.
  • Bypassing multiple negative consequences of shipping food far and wide from unknown sources.

However, Mirabelle Restaurant at Beaver Creek, in addition to sourcing food from local farmers, takes things a step further and grows their own.

In a Growing Dome.

farm to table restaurant greenhouse

From Epcot to Beaver Creek

Master Chef, Daniel Joly, first became inspired to grow food for his restaurant as a guest chef at Epcot Center. Spending time in their geodesic greenhouse revealed the potential for growing fresh produce indoors. He wondered how he could recreate their effectiveness on a scale that would be suitable for a farm to table restaurant.

The Growing Dome was the solution he was looking for.

farm to table restaurant spaceship earth
epcot center restaurant greenhouse

Growing food all year long in their Growing Dome greenhouse, Mirabelle reduces its dependence on produce shipped from afar and keeps freshness alive, even in the middle of winter. Their basil, tomatoes, and greens are only eight steps from the kitchen.

The chefs at Mirabelle take their job and responsibility seriously. And if you’ve ever had the privilege of stepping into the kitchen of a well-run restaurant, you know it’s busy. Timing is critical. Movements refined and proper preparation of ingredients essential. Stress levels can run high.

The kitchen at Mirabelle bustles. Yet, immediately behind the restaurant awaits a function…and rejuvenating experience for the kitchen staff.

The Growing Dome houses a welcome respite in the midst of the hustle of the kitchen. A few moments to breathe in the presence of green living things re-balances the body and mind. Also, with a few snips of scissors, fresh homegrown herbs find their way back into the kitchen, and onto your plate.

greenhouse outside farm to table restaurant

Exquisite Seasonal Cuisine

Mirabelle offers a unique dining experience in an elegant atmosphere.

Chef Joly values fresh food and takes pride in using the best ingredients…elevates them…and serves you a sensational plate.  Awards adorn his past and reputation, but it’s the complement of a satisfied customer that drives him and his restaurant.

salad from a farm to table restaurant greenhouse

The menu at Mirabelle shadows the changes of the seasons and focuses on seasonal availability, freshness, and quality.

There is a reason for offering what is in season. Simply put, it’s good for you.

The ingredients are fresh and your body’s innate wisdom somehow knows that it needs it. So, the fall and winter menus focus on harvests such as squash, root vegetables, and mushrooms. In addition, their vegetables are expertly matched with high quality local meats, and paired perfectly with an extensive wine list. Also, with the help of their Growing Dome, Mirabelle continues production of greens, micro-greens, herbs, and other vegetables right through their busy winter season.

small tomatoes in farm to table restaurant greenhouse

“Where Should We Eat Tonight?”

In a world full of fast food options devoid of nutrition and life giving qualities, the movement of farm to table restaurants brings hope to the future of fixing our broken food systems. And, it tastes good too.

Moreover, it answers the question, “Where should we eat tonight?”

If you’re looking for an elegant Farm to Table Restaurant experience, serving the finest ingredients from dedicated professionals…then Mirabelle Restaurant at Beaver Creek awaits to serve you.

Do yourself a favor and experience the elegance. 

Visit Mirabelle at Beaver Creek for reservations and to learn more about their unique way of growing, serving, and facilitating fine dining.

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chef Danial Joly of Mirabelle farm to table restaurant greenhouse

Want to know more about how Chef Joly grows in a Growing Dome? Give us a call at 800-753-9333!

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