Pine River Garden Club: Growing Gardeners

Growing Gardeners and a Local Foodshed with a Growing Dome® at the Pine River Community Garden

Instead of garlic from China and avocados from Mexico, the Pine River Garden Club in Bayfield, Colorado, cultivates their own local foodshed, grows gardeners and teaches how to harvest what you thought wouldn’t grow here.

Pine River Garden Club – Community Garden in a Growing Dome

Community Garden in a Growing Dome

Planting kids’ hands in the soil.

Pine River Garden Club
Pine River Community Garden

Reconnecting people with where their food comes from.

And bringing community together.

“We’re trying to grow gardeners. I think it’s just finding the people that are really passionate about gardening and community. If people can come here and see what we’re doing here…you know it can be done anywhere. Basically, it just takes people passionate about gardening.”

People who want to grow good food, to be healthier, to get outside and people who want to have fun in the garden with their kids.

“It’s basically all connected. We as human beings are all connected. The more we can  come together and grow, the better off we’re all going to be.” Andrew Trujillo

Connect with the Pine River Garden Club on their Facebook page. You will be inspired! Pine River Garden Club Facebook Page

High five to Andrew and Leslie and the entire crew at the Pine River Garden Club!

Pine River Garden Club
High five to growing healthy, thriving community gardens.

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