Truckee Community Farm Wins Your 2 Cents Grant

Truckee Garden

Last week, we posted a testimonial video from Truckee Community Farms’ co-owner Bill Kelly and manager Susie Sutphin talking about their project and how they’re using their Growing Dome. These two, along with the other co-owner Kevin Kelly, have been awarded the Your 2 Cents Program Grant. “The Rodale Institute‚Äôs $5,000 Your 2 Cents donation will help the Truckee Community Farm begin to build additional features that will make it a year-round production and demonstration farm.” This grant was created to unite producers, consumers, researchers, and educators to launch the next generation of organic farmers. We’re so proud to see how the team at Truckee Community Farm has used their Growing Dome to become part of a growing movement to go back to organic farming.

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