News and Events, Fall/Winter 2021

Growing gardens at Stratton School

Stratton School has expanded the garden program to include a grow dome, allowing the program to run through all but the coldest months.

“The goal of the garden program is to provide a sustainable, alternative food experience for students and faculty that encourages hands-on learning, health, and well-being at Eustis School,” Wuori said. “Stratton School wants all students to leave Stratton with the knowledge of food choice and the importance of community through understanding local resources.” –

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Russell and Dawson Inc. delivered Pro Bono Structural Design Services for Community Child Guidance Clinic, CT

“This project has been built on a concrete pier foundation having a wood superstructure. The 18’ Dome was specially designed to provide healthy, behavioral and therapeutic support to mentally challenged children otherwise struggling to cope in public school settings.”

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Nonprofit brings agriculture to kids

Growing Community Now recently visited the students at Enos Garcia Elementary School for a hands-on lesson in gardening.

“Enos Garcia Elementary School is growing potatoes, carrots, kale, tomatoes, red beans, corn, garlic, and gladiolas in its outdoor garden. The school also has a growing dome, which can allow for winter harvests. “That also expands the teacher’s classroom space,” said Cain.”

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