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Academy of Notre Dame promotes ‘Laudato si” through environmental learning spaces

“In trying to fight climate change, we all need to think about that word ‘sustainability’ and teach that to future generations,” Bryan Conant, the school’s director of grounds said.

The garden beds are low enough that pre-K students as young as three or four years old can see and access them.

“Everybody can be part of that, and that was an important factor,” Dr. James Flynn, NDA’s principal and dean of STEAM, told The Pilot.

To learn about where food comes from, some of the younger grades have grown plants from seedlings, starting with pots on a windowsill and later transferring them to the lab or the geodome.

“This is just a way to have students become more environmentally literate and more aware of their environment,” Flynn said. 

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growing dome at stratton school

Growing gardens at Stratton School

Stratton School has expanded the garden program to include a grow dome, allowing the program to run through all but the coldest months.

“The goal of the garden program is to provide a sustainable, alternative food experience for students and faculty that encourages hands-on learning, health, and well-being at Eustis School,” Wuori said. “Stratton School wants all students to leave Stratton with the knowledge of food choice and the importance of community through understanding local resources.”

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growing dome at child guidance clinic

Russell and Dawson Inc. delivered Pro Bono Structural Design Services for Community Child Guidance Clinic, CT

“This project has been built on a concrete pier foundation having a wood superstructure. The 18’ Dome was specially designed to provide healthy, behavioral and therapeutic support to mentally challenged children otherwise struggling to cope in public school settings.”

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Nonprofit brings agriculture to kids

Growing Community Now recently visited the students at Enos Garcia Elementary School for a hands-on lesson in gardening.

“Enos Garcia Elementary School is growing potatoes, carrots, kale, tomatoes, red beans, corn, garlic, and gladiolas in its outdoor garden. The school also has a growing dome, which can allow for winter harvests. “That also expands the teacher’s classroom space,” said Cain.

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