Truckee Elementary and the Dome Raising Project Come Together

Snow Kits For GreenhousesAwhile back we introduced you to Susie Sutphin and Bill Kelly of Truckee Community Farm in California. They had recently purchased and built a 33′ Growing Dome from Growing Spaces and were already looking to expand beyond their current garden. They had a vision for the Dome Raising Project as a part of their budding Tahoe Food Hub to get Growing Domes in local area schools so that youth could learn about growing their own food and the local food network could be strengthened. We’re excited to be able to report that they are making amazing strides in their mission as is reported in last week’s Sierra Sun:


We are busy at work at our facility developing the new 28′ Sierra Kit designed to handle the extreme snow-loads in the Truckee/Tahoe area and, thus, be in accordance with local building codes. The snow loads required are over three times what our Classic Kit is rated for (60psf) and up until now we have found that the Classic Kit snow loads were more than enough to meet building codes across the country. They sure get a lot of wet, heavy snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains! We are collaborating with the Dome Raising Project to be able to deliver this product once funding is in place for Truckee Elementary School.


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