Owner Supplied Items

There are certain items needed for building the Growing Dome kit that are very bulky, costly to ship, and inexpensively available at your local building supply store. These items are not included in the Growing Dome kit to help lower the final cost. Most materials are easily found at your local hardware supply store, but the sheet metal can be found at a heating & air conditioning (HVAC) or sheet metal supply store.

Overview of Items Needed

  • Three-quarter minus gravel for the foundation
  • Forms and concrete for concrete foundations only
  • Rigid foam board insulation for the foundation wall
  • Sand, sheet metal, and lumber for the water tank
  • Four-inch corrugated drain pipe with sediment sock for the Undersoil System
  • Ladders and/or scaffolding (can be rented)

Estimated cost of Owner Supplied Items

Actual expenses will vary depending on location, foundation type, and price changes in raw materials.

  • 15’ Growing Dome +$1,220
  • 18’ Growing Dome +$1,530
  • 22’ Growing Dome +$1,760
  • 26’ Growing Dome +$2,130
  • 33’ Growing Dome +$4,260
  • 42’ Growing Dome +$4,830

Owner Supplied Items List

Gravel Ring FoundationConcrete Pier FoundationInsulated Concrete Form (ICF) Foundation
15′ Gravel Ring OSL15′ Concrete Piers OSL15′ ICF OSL
18′ Gravel Ring OSL18′ Concrete Piers OSL18′ ICF OSL
22′ Gravel Ring OSL22′ Concrete Piers OSL22′ ICF OSL
26′ Gravel Ring OSL26′ Concrete Piers OSL26′ ICF OSL
33′ Gravel Ring OSL33′ Concrete Piers OSL33′ ICF OSL
N/A42′ Concrete Piers OSL42′ ICF OSL