Prefabricated Greenhouse Kits: Innovation Meets Nature

Bringing innovative greenhouse design to homes, farms, schools, and communities.

Growing Spaces® has been building and selling prefabricated greenhouse kits since 1989.

A Growing Spaces Growing Dome Geodesic Greenhouse
A Growing Spaces Growing Dome Geodesic Greenhouse

Our Growing Dome® comes in six different greenhouse kit sizes, each with seven unique features that make it an energy-efficient, incredibly sturdy, and an ideal environment for growing food. Featuring a geodesic dome shape with triangular tessellations, it’s the most advanced prefab greenhouse kit design in the world.

Unlike traditional and DIY greenhouses, the Growing Dome uses low to zero energy, even during winter. It features a solar-powered central air system, automatic vents, insulation, clear polycarbonate glazing panels, and an all-weather wood insulated foundation. These elements, along with its innovative shape, keep the indoor environment warm and moist throughout the year.

This provides the best environment to grow a vast variety of plants, flowers, and fruits. Here, you can start seeds, sow a succession of plants, or keep outdoor plants when the weather gets tough.

Due to its curved dome shape, you’ll get a steady input of heat all day long and enjoy three levels of growing space – perfect for climbers, vines, and fruit-bearing trees. Not only is the dome energy efficient, but it’s also the most economical use of space.

And with our various sizes, accessories, and upgrades, you can quickly get the returns of your investment.

Not all greenhouses are suitable for year-round growing. Traditional structures get too hot in the summer, decreasing the chances for seedlings to survive. Our geodesic greenhouse dome allows for succession planting all throughout the year and through weather extremes. You can also build a cozy meditation space inside to keep cool in the summer and stay warm in the winter.

Because our Growing Domes are prefabricated down to the finest details, all you need to do is order a kit and assemble it on site. Putting up a dome is also a fun activity to share with family, friends, and volunteers in your school or community.

If you’re interested in dome gardening and sustainable living, feel free to watch our videos, read our resources, or give us a call. Our master gardeners and technical team will be more than happy to assist you.