Receiving your Growing DomeĀ® Greenhouse Kit

How easy is it to get my Growing Dome?
Over the past 25 years, thousands of Dome owners have successfully received their Growing Dome from us. We can get the kit to you in three different ways:
Shipped in carefully & efficiently packed crates delivered to your door.
You can pick it up at our facility in Pagosa Springs.
We can deliver it to you in our Growing Spaces truck.*

See our table and map that makes it simple to find your shipping cost according to your location and the Growing Dome size you choose. Prices quoted are inclusive of crating materials.
Shipping Regions Map
For a custom quote, call Growing SpacesĀ® at 800.753.9333 or send an email to [email protected] to get personal help with putting together a shipping estimate for the larger size of Growing Domes or International Shipments. Estimates valid for 30 days, actual expenses will apply.

Please mention the following information so that we can provide a shipping estimate of our Growing Domes to your location:

  • The size of Growing Dome that you would like to purchase
  • Installation Type: Self-Installation, Supervisor, Supervisor +1 (33′ only), or Full Crew (see installation page for details)
  • Destination: Physical address (City, State, Postal Code, Country)
  • Contact phone number & email address for sending your estimate

Growing Spaces Delivery

We will deliver you Growing Dome kit up to 250 miles without a hired crew and up to 800 miles with a hired crew/supervisor. When shipping our solar greenhouses, we reserve the right to determine the method of delivery and will do our best to accommodate the Purchaser’s requests for terms of delivery. For more information on our shipping policies for green houses, please visit Terms & Conditions – Our Product.

Customer Pick-up

You are welcome to pick up the greenhouse kit at our facility.
If you live in Colorado, 2.9% tax is due regardless, but an extra 4% is due if you pick up the kit in Pagosa Springs. If you are out of state, by law, we must collect 6.9% sales tax when the Growing Dome green houses are picked up at our manufacturing facility in Pagosa Springs, CO, USA.
The 15′ through 22′ Growing Dome greenhouse kits are able to fit in the bed of a full size pick-up truck (8′ bed, 4′ between wheel wells). The 26′, 33′, and 42′ Growing Dome greenhouse kits require a truck and trailer.
When picking up one of our geodesic dome green houses at Growing Spaces, please ask what equipment you will need. You must provide your own tarps, straps & tie-downs. We do charge a $50 loading fee for sizes 15′ through 33′ and a $250 loading fee for the 42′ Growing Dome greenhouses.

Additional Shipment Information

Remember this is a building you are receiving, which normally comes in 3 crates. For additional shipment information, please view our Growing Dome Shipment document

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