Mini University Dome

Mini UniversityOne of the new educational domes we have going up right now is being built at a Mini University Childcare Center in Dayton Ohio. A state senator and other local dignitaries will be onsite on September 13th to witness the ribbon cutting, and official opening of the 33′ Growing Dome. One of the school administrators, Julie Thorner, wrote to us saying:7774497238_8c03305b8e“Our greenhouse is done and Allan and Matthew [Growing Spaces certified installers] were fantastic! I had flight problems and missed some of the build but I can’t tell you how lucky we were to find the Growing Spaces team. We will keep in touch and send pictures of our progress as we shape a new generation of young children ready to care for the world……one little plant at a time.

Thank you for an incredible beginning to our journey into the world of Growing Spaces!”

You can find out more about Mini University here on their site.


  • Nice greenhouse, I have one that is not hooped but slant roofed I used garden fencing under the plastic to take the snow load. works OK if I get out and see to it the big heavy snow is swept off.

    • Thank you for your comments! The polycarbonate glazing is really great in the winter. The snow slides right off of the material and the geodesic shape. No shoveling necessary! If it accumulates on the north wall it just adds to the insulation!

  • Not so mini really. Just the right size for a family. The ultimate greenhouse dome geodesic truncation, being a 3/8ths sphere. Lots of square footage for a garden paradise and just a beautiful atmosphere inside. You’re blessed if you can obtain this. This is one of my most favorite domes. Just right.

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