Littleton Academy and Annie’s Pond

In 2014, the fine folks at Littleton Academy, in Littleton, CO, were awarded the Growing Spaces In-Kind Grant Award. The mission of their project, in their own words:

“to create an environmentally efficient and sustainable greenhouse that can be funded after inception by the revenue generated from the selling of seeds, flowers for Mother’s Day, organic vegetables, and herbs. A greenhouse can grow and produce outside of the normal growing season, so it would be a year-round enterprise. This committee has already built a school garden from the ground up; we are now looking to expand the seasonal benefits of a garden to a greenhouse that produces year-round. Today’s students are the environmental stewards of the future, and by instilling a love and understanding of the life cycle, we are nurturing a group of environmentally responsible young students who will be the decision-makers of the next generation.”

Well, Littleton Academy has its Growing Dome up and is actively growing food and implementing its goals. Growing Spaces was fortunate enough to be invited to Littleton Academy’s formal dedication ceremony to mark the Grand Opening of their Growing Dome. We sent our roving vent maker/renowned emissary, Richard Miller, along to participate in the ceremony.

Four people standing in front of the greenhouse at Littleton Academy
people sitting in front of a podium at Littleton Academy greenhouse celebration ceremony

Here is a report from Richard:

 Greetings All,

                Richard Miller here, Growing Spaces wandering employee, back to tell you about an incredible trip to Littleton Academy’s 26′ Growing Dome in Colorado.

                 A Greenhouse Dedication is what the invite said, little did I know the heart tug that would occur by attending on 9-11-2015.

                  At 6:30pm a gathering of parents, teachers, students and guests were thanked for coming by Rayma Nilsson, school VP, followed by brief talks about the Growing Dome, and then Shelly Russell, school Principal, shared with us all about Annie’s Pond. Growing Spaces above ground pond took on a whole new meaning after hearing the story of Annie, former student and passed soul who will live on as a central part of Littleton Academys gardening experience.

                  I share with you pictures of the night and ” gift ” you with a picture of Annie’s Pond and her poem.

                  Our Hearts to Her!  Richard

Annie's Pond a painted above grown pond in a greenhouse at littleton academy

Annie’s Pond

(Adapted from a poem by Guy Carey, Jr.)

The wind causes rippling on its placid face

And the sun like diamonds makes it shine

Creating awesome beauty at this wondrous place

That does create some light divine

This entity of water-in a place where our hearts belong

That place of solitude that’s called Annie’s Pond

The crystal pond waters which can wash our cares away

And its aquatic wild life that entertains you night and day

The lilies and the fish and the raucous crickets’ song

The noisy springtime peepers, that let you know that you belong

It hasn’t obtained the fame of Walden but in our heart it’s twice as strong

This place of solitude that’s called Annie’s Pond

So when life becomes frustrating and overwhelms us in its wake

And we hear others bragging of big boats on some exotic lake

We can return to our serenity for we have what in their hearts they long

We have a little piece of heaven—we have a spot at Annie’s Pond


Thank you Littleton Academy for the great work that you do. Thank you Richard Miller and thank you Annie.

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Jason Stuck
For three days in March 2008 Jason Stuck shoveled gravel into a Growing Spaces’ 33’ Growing Dome. That was Jason's first “project” working for Growing Spaces. Jason easily fell in love with the product, the people, and the philosophy of helping the earth by helping others grow their own food. Jason wore many hats at Growing Spaces over the years. Shovel slinger, metal fabricator, shopkeeper and author. Jason wrote many articles for our website and newsletter.

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