Chaffee County Attendees Exclusive Sale

It was so wonderful to meet you at the 2023 Chaffee Home & Garden Show. If you are here, it is probably to claim your exclusive 5% attendee discount.

I you filled out a lead card at the event, your discount has already been applied to your account.

To get a quote, or purchase a Growing Dome with this discount, visit our online store and use the discount code CHAG2023-5% at checkout.

*This discount is exclusive to attendees of the Chaffee Home and Garden Show. It expires 12/31/2-23.

If you wish to speak with a Growing Spaces employee before your purchase or you need a bit more time before purchasing, we totally understand! You can also request a custom quote below using our get started form. This will claim your discount for future use and put you in contact with one of our Growing Dome advisors.

Contact us if you have any questions about this special offer or year-round greenhouse gardening.

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Kenzie Jackson Former Marketing Director
I studied marketing at Eastern Illinois University and have been working as the Marketing Director at Growing Spaces since May 2019. What I love most about my job is getting to tell the stories of our customers in our featured dome articles. It’s all about connecting through storytelling, and it’s pretty cool to see all the different ways people use our greenhouses.

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