Freeman Public School Teacher Puts Purpose to FFA Studies


School Gardening

Freeman Public School FFA program now has a Growing Dome. Introverts are typically viewed as unlikely agents of change, and it’s so wonderful when that stereotype is blown out of the water by someone like Tony Jensen of Freeman Public School. In this article that outlines the leadership role he took on to bring his students, school and school district along with building a 33 ft. Growing Dome, Tony says, “I am not one to stand up and talk to a big crowd.” That didn’t stop him from leading his community to raising $30,000 for the project. The creativity of the students and their teacher has made this endeavor beyond an educational mission. They are growing food with a purpose at Freeman Public School. The produce will be incorporated into their school lunches at Freeman Public School as well as go to their local Food Bank.


To read the 2013 article from Nebraska Farmer magazine click here: Growing Spaces Farm Progress FFA gets a dome of its own


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