Finished! 33′ Growing Dome at the Shumei Natural Agriculture Garden

4-25-13 Thursday: I love round tanks, especially when it comes to leveling. Today we were busy finishing the tank. Don’t you love Janet’s pleats in the tank liner?  And, yes, for a charge she will come redo your tank! Other tasks included finishing the fans, final odds and ends at the door, and leftover parts!




4-27-13: Thursday and Friday passed and we were left the weekend for taping the seams of the greenhouse. Just Jan and I and one lone extension ladder! Don’t attempt this at home. You need two extension ladders with outriggers to do a Growing Dome this size!! So as not to be banned from taping again, we didn’t take any pictures and have changed our names for security reasons, HA! HA! We were so fortunate to have perfect weather for taping, mildly warm and no wind, and then Sunday night it started to rain and rain. That put us off until Tuesday afternoon, don’t you just love it, when we could work a little on the project. We had enough time remaining to explain to the totally competent interns and Shumei staff how to assemble the few parts of the Growing Dome that were left for completion. And then we were off, back to Colorado, back to our forest home where, if you didn’t know where we live, you wouldn’t know where we live. Until Next Time, Richard






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