What is the Global Significance of the Growing Dome?

We at Growing Spaces® are motivated by an awareness of the need for change in the ways mankind lives inside the Earth’s eco-system. Creative and intelligent use of resources is a prime value, as we realize that the earth is a finite system with finite resources. Respectfully, our company offers solutions to some of these concerns. The Growing Dome is a carefully considered demonstration of the direction we need to move as inhabitants of this planet.

At Growing Spaces® we aim to address the looming energy crisis due to Peak Oil and environmental degradation, as well as the need for a healthy diet containing fresh organic food. Our Growing Domes use naturally occurring energies: the sun, conduction, convection and radiation as natural methods of heat storage and transfer. This protected indoor garden space enables the individual to grow food locally, even in harsher climates with minimal use of fossil fuel energy for heating or cooling. It also teaches that we can “do more with less,” and still thrive in harmony with natural systems.

–Udgar Parsons, Founder of Growing Spaces

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