Growing Spaces: The Story Behind our Award-Winning Growing Dome

Growing Spaces® Geodesic Growing Dome® for Year Round Gardening

“For Puja and I, everything is connected, and we are ever awed by the complexity and beauty of the natural world. Offering a product which helps people enjoy and support this beauty and the bountiful ways of nature — while growing an abundance of food; is very fulfilling for us.” – Udgar Parsons

“Helping People to Help Themselves”
Our desire, as the founders of Growing Spaces, is to support others who want to live sustainable, healthy lives. The innovation of our Growing Spaces greenhouses came directly out of our desire to live in health and balance. These geodesic dome greenhouse kits demonstrate a solar self-sufficiency that keeps fresh food on the table, even within the challenge of environmental and economic changes.

The Growing Domes handle wind and weather extremely well, and can sustain plant life with only five hours of sun a day. These geodesic dome greenhouses hold a carefully crafted ecosystem tucked inside the strongest structure in the world. The synergies of all the different components working together within our solar greenhouses make it possible to have a year round indoor garden.

One of the best ways Growing Spaces can serve the future is to support the work and designs of those intending to “go green” around the world. Neighborhoods are very important in our era and groups who band together can often become more self sufficient and safe in their way of life. Udgar and I spent two careers participating in the growth and development of several communities whose purpose was to demonstrate the viability of alternative methods of energy efficiency in organic gardening and farming, and the disciplines that promote holistic health and personal balance. Each of these proved that the commitment of a group of people whose values form a common ground could increase their quality of life incredibly.

It is our privilege as a small company based on this foundational experience to provide Growing Domes green house kits for schools, intentional communities and neighborhoods, as well as backyard gardeners. Our Growing Spaces greenhouses are designed for year round gardening in the Rocky Mountains despite the short growing season we experience. Our hometown of Pagosa Springs, Colorado has over 100 of these year round greenhouses around the area. Typically, when someone buys one of our green house kits the neighbors observe its performance over a few seasons, and then decide to buy one of the kits for themselves.

Now more than ever, we feel a responsibility to show that our society can thrive beyond the dependence on fossil fuels that are abusing our natural habitat. According to the latest studies the world may be out of oil and natural gas by 2032 or sooner. This means that our children and grandchildren will be a part of the quest for alternative energy resources and development that has been a part of our own lifestyle for the last thirty years.

To support them, we have created a new paradigm in business that is “part of the solution” of Udgar & Growing Domerestoring balance for our natural world. The company vision also grew out of the values we hold dear. The innovation of our Growing Spaces greenhouses came directly out of our desire to live healthy balanced lives.

Those that are committed to living naturally are encouraged to add a Growing Dome greenhouse to their lifestyle. Our solar greenhouses are sold as green house kits with detailed instructions and videos to install them. We can also provide an installation crew or supervisor to deliver and help set up the Growing Domes.

We know that the beauty and efficiency of growing in our Growing Domes creates a natural learning opportunity for children of all ages. Our geodesic dome greenhouses become a living laboratory where kids are learning “where food comes from” and the miracle of life that is celebrated from growing seed to fruit. Because our beginning as a company came from making a “choice for health,” we have decades of experience to share as a family; a family who knows that we can all “help ourselves” to increased self sufficiency and quality of life.

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