Recycling- 1.41 Oz. of trash created by Gardening Class

We are celebrating!!

Growing Spaces hosted the first of this seasons four-part Gardening and Beyond class…

In preparation for the event, we made a conscious decision to really eliminate the “normal” waste that is created by having such an event with 30 to 40 people.

We used real glasses, cups, saucers , silverware and cloth napkins.  Not only did this reduce our trash level, it made for a lovely evening, eating and drinking with “real dishware”.

Although some additional water is needed to clean these dishes and napkins, the energy and water expense will be far less than the energy required and natural resources used to manufacture new paper disposable products, let alone the impact of land-filling this trash.

What was our final amount of non-recyclable, non-compostable, non-reusable trash from this event? —-1.41 OUNCES!

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