November 2012 – Dome of the Month Winner

Interior of 33' Growing Dome greenhouse with raised garden beds made of stone

Congratulations to Mike O’Neal on winning this November’s Dome of the Month contest! This stunning photo of the interior of his 33′ Growing Dome shows the forest of aloe by his water tank and the lush growth of his indoor garden in Oklahoma. He plans his entries just right (and takes amazing photos) so that he wins in the fall of every year. The entry this year was much more serene than last year’s shocking lightning photo, but equally as beautiful.

See Mike’s October 2011 Photo Entry

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  • Thank you Growing Spaces for providing such a wonderful greenhouse concept. We really are learning so much and enjoying natural fruits/vegetables the entire year.

    Thanks again,
    Mike O’Neal

    • You are so welcome Mike! So glad to hear you are enjoying it. It is pretty exciting to walk in the Growing Dome and pick fresh veggies in the winter!
      ~ Danyelle
      Growing Spaces

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