March & April 2012 Dome of the Month Winners

Growing Dome Greenhouse in Canada

Congratulations to Kris Gunning! This gorgeous photo of her family’s 42′ Growing Dome Greenhouse in British Columbia, Canada garnered the most attention of any entry to date. For how well received and liked the photo was and because, well of course, we liked it too, this photo won the Dome of the Month contest for March 2012.

Mary Piskor’s 22′ outdoor garden and Growing Dome Greenhouse in Michigan won April 2012 Dome of the Month contest. This photo generated a lot of conversation and questions and Mary stepped right in to share her story. She lives in a beautiful area along the Rifle River and is able to enjoy an indoor garden, outdoor garden and nature all around. Mary’s a pretty lucky gal. We were happy to have her share her photos.

Growing Dome Greenhouse in Michigan


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