Karen & Glen Everitt in Manti, UT

everitt 1A note from Karen & Glen Everitt in Manti, UT: We received our 22 ft. greenhouse kit on April 11 and by May 23 it was completed except for a couple of finishing projects like a trellis and potting table which are now completed on May 30. We LOVE our greenhouse. It’s the first place we both go in the morning and the last place we visit at the end of the day and many times in between. We find all kinds of reasons to sit out there. We worked hard for the first 6 weeks because we were anxious to get our plants and food going. We’ve also had a couple of freezing nights here and took all the flowering patio plants inside the greenhouse for protection. We’re having so much FUN with this–I’ve even ordered a dwarf banana tree and dwarf avocado plant which should be here in a couple of days. We have 3 dwarf citrus trees also and have koi and goldfish as well as a water lily and water hyacinths in the tank. We can’t believe how quickly our seeds germinate in the greenhouse. Flowers that are supposed to take 9-14 days (according to the package) have happily sprung up in 3 days!! We have a notebook out there to keep records since they’re so unbelievable. All our growing friends out there are so happy.everitt 2 I visit with them and talk to them every day and I’m not sure who’s happier!! Even the Buddha statue seems to be smiling bigger! We can’t thank you enough for all your thought and effort that went into designing this greenhouse.

We’d like to email some pictures if that would be alright. We’d also like to visit Pagosa Springs and see some of the other domes if that’s possible. Would you recommend any places to stay for 3-4 days out there? We’d be traveling with 2 four-legged canine friends too so we’d need to find a place that allows them. Again—-much gratitude to you!!

Blessings, Karen & Glen Everitt


Winter 2004 Update

Udgar & Puja–we had our first snowfall of the season on Sat. Nov. 27, 2004. everitt 3 We’re still enjoying beautiful (although small) red tomatoes and we still have new blossoms on the vines!!  We have beautiful lettuce and carrots also.  The peas are having a difficult time and the leeks and broccoli are struggling too—we’re learning!!  We purchased the Southern Burner heater and had to use it for the first time last night—it got down to 13 below outside so the heater turned on. We’re only lighting the pilot when it looks like we’ll need it. It’s really nice having the thermostat so we can sleep peacefully through the night. Thought you might enjoy some pictures.  We got even more snow last night so we have a total of about 8-10 inches.

Thanks for your wonderful greenhouse—it was lovely in it today—went up to 80 degrees and the outside temp only went to 15 degrees!!! We love our growing space—I know every leaf and plant out there knows I love them—I’m always telling them. We’re so thankful for our live organic veggies!!

Blessings to you and all you love—Karen & Glen Everitt

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