Farm-to-table restaurant growing in a Growing Dome

Fresh Local Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs from a Farm-to-Table Restaurant in the Snowy Colorado Mountains All Winter Long?

How One Colorado Ski Resort Restaurant Serves Fresh From the Garden Ingredients Year Round Despite Extremely Short Colorado Growing Season

Mirabelle Restaurant, stands out in the Vail Valley restaurant scene by showcasing fresh food grown on-site all year long.

Belgian born Master Chef Daniel Joly of Mirabelle Restaurant in Beaver Creek, Colorado has been a devoted Farm-to-Table restaurateur his entire career.  But the short growing season and harsh winters in the region make sourcing fresh ingredients for his gourmet creations a significant challenge.

Luckily the addition of a Growing Spaces® Growing Dome® now allows him unlimited creativity to set his menu apart from competing restaurants serving typical fare.

Farm-to-Table Restaurant: Mirabelle at Beaver Creek Growing in a Growing Dome

Farm-to-Table Without Seasonal Limitations

The farm-to-table restaurant movement is steadily gaining ground.

When a restaurant dedicates itself to sourcing local food, it experiences benefits such as:

  • Promoting customer awareness of where the food on their plate came from
  • Establishing supportive relationships with local farmers
  • Saving money by avoiding shipping food far and wide from unknown sources

However, Mirabelle Restaurant, in addition to sourcing food from local farmers… is going even further by growing their own food as well.

In a Growing Spaces Growing Dome.

From Epcot to Beaver Creek

Master Chef, Daniel Joly, first became inspired to grow food for his restaurant as a guest chef at Epcot Center. When he experienced their geodesic dome greenhouse he quickly saw the unlimited potential of growing fresh produce indoors. He wanted to recreate their success on a scale that would be suitable for a small farm-to-table restaurant.  Sustaining his menu during the busy ski season could mean either trying to fight the elements during the winter or paying the high cost to ship in ingredients from warmer climates that would no longer be fresh upon arrival.  Instead he wanted the independence and flexibility of growing his own food year round.

The Growing Dome greenhouse was the perfect solution.

Now, even in the middle of the snowy Colorado winter, fresh basil, tomatoes, and greens are only eight steps from his kitchen!

The kitchen at Mirabelle is always a hive of activity. Yet, immediately behind the restaurant the Growing Dome provides a welcome peaceful respite in the midst of the hustle and bustle.  A few moments to breathe in the presence of green living things feels like a mini-vacation in an inviting oasis. And the snip of the kitchen shears is all it takes to bring back freshly grown herbs for that extra special flavor needed to bring the Chef’s dishes to perfection.

Exquisite Cuisine in Every Season

Chef Joly values fresh food and takes pride in using the best ingredients to serve his guests a sensational plate. Although many awards lengthen his resume, it’s the complement of a satisfied customer that drives him and his restaurant.

The menu at Mirabelle focuses on freshness and quality.

Their vegetables are expertly matched with high quality local meats, and paired perfectly with an extensive wine list.

With the help of their Growing Dome greenhouse, Mirabelle continues production of greens, micro-greens, herbs, and other vegetables right through their busy winter season.

“Where Should We Eat Tonight?”

Mirabelle offers a unique dining experience in an elegant atmosphere.  If you’re looking for a unique Farm-to-Table Restaurant experience, serving the very finest and freshest ingredients… Mirabelle Restaurant is sure to delight your taste buds.

Visit Mirabelle at Beaver Creek for reservations and to learn more about their unique way of growing, and serving, the finest, freshest meals.


Want to know more about how Chef Joly grows in a Growing Dome? Discover the magic of growing year round in a dome with our free gift to you…

9 Reasons a Growing Dome is Better than a Regular Greenhouse

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