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The Growing Dome Network is more than just a group; it embodies the collective spirit of passionate individuals who share a deep love for Growing Domes and sustainable living.

In the early days, when our focus was primarily on Colorado, our Growing Dome Network was merely a list of enthusiasts across the state willing to open their doors for tours. But now, after more than 30 years, the global demand for year-round, fresh food has expanded our horizons. We proudly sell Growing Domes to enthusiasts worldwide. Yet, as a small family-owned business, it’s impossible for us to be everywhere at once. What this means is, while everyone is eager to experience a Growing Dome, we, regrettably, can’t personally provide Growing Domes in every corner of the world for tours on our own but with your help maybe we can.

What do folks in the network do?

Remember the magic of stepping into a Growing Dome for the first time? The virtual tours we offer are a glimpse, but they miss the essence—the aroma, the life thrumming within those walls.

Being part of this network means you are willing open your Growing Dome to dreamers and budding gardeners—perhaps once or twice a year. It’s not a demanding commitment, yet it could be a guiding light for someone’s journey.

Oh, and here’s the exciting part: if your tour results in a sale, you’ll receive $250 as a token of our gratitude.

How to get involved in the network?

It’s simple really. Send an email to our Marketing Director Kenzie at She will connect with you directly to answer all of your questions and collect necessaray informtion to be a part of this great program.


  • Highly recommend bringing the Supervisor on site–our 15 ft dome was completed in just 2 days thanks to the expertise of AWESOME Easton!! One month later we have sprouted beets, peas, lettuce, and more!

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