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Farm-to-Table Demand is Increasing

Farm-to-table is a powerful force.

The demand for cutting out the middle man drives the movement. The desire is to shorten the food chain, and provide the best, fresh, local ingredients. Farm-to-table restaurants, chefs, farmers, bed-and-breakfast owners, retreats and assisted living facilities have the ability to change the landscape of our dynamic food systems.  Harvesting fresh organic food year-round from a Growing Dome greenhouse can dramatically change your business model to one that relies on external suppliers, to one you can control yourself and deliver a superior product!


Control Safety and Your Own Food Supply

You have a large network of farmers and suppliers to maintain. Farms to visit. Food safety to ensure. Limitations of seasonal harvests and unpredictable weather. And dependency on small growers to provide your growing need for products. Also, people want to know the story of the farmer behind the meal. They want to know how the asparagus was grown, and how far it traveled to reach their plate. Furthermore, customers demand honesty and authenticity.

You want to be known for genuine farm-to-table… not a marketing gimmick that amounts to farm-to-fake.

Grow Your Own Produce On-Site

The stresses of providing the best farm-to-table dining experience are greatly reduced when you move the growing closer to your restaurant, and grow… at least some of your own produce… on-site.

A farm-to-table greenhouse allows you to take growing into your own hands, year round.  It provides a buffer against the uncertainties of sourcing local seasonal fare. It gives you more control over your menu.  And, you’ll have consistent production of greens and vegetables you always need.


Increase Customer Loyalty & Engagement

Chances are, you will not supply all your food for your restaurant in your own greenhouse.

Let’s face it, you want local meats, cheeses, and other animal products to fill out a robust and diverse menu.  And even if you only serve vegetarian and vegan fare, your relationship with your farmers and suppliers is critical.  It’s an important part of the farm-to-table world.

Growing your own does not mean you completely get rid of those connections. However, regardless of your menu and preferred dishes, how many greens do you prepare and serve to your patrons?

Join the Growing Dome Movement

There are so many other wonderful commercial applications for a Growing Dome Greenhouse Kit

We invite you to explore your own farm-to-table greenhouse.

Consider how it would help your business and contribute to the growing farm-to-table movement?  Get a quote today from a Growing Spaces® Product Specialist. They will help you determine what size Growing Dome commercial greenhouse kit will be best to suit your business’ needs.

Growing your own food is the best way to get the food you know your patrons, and your business deserves. You will truly serve the ideals of the farm-to-table movement.


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