Enter to Win: Owner Video Contest

Video Contest

As much as we love gardening, we love community and we’re trying to create it wherever we go. We want you to share your Growing Dome stories with each other so that you all can learn from each other and feel a part of something larger than yourselves. We decided we’d sweeten the pot by throwing a video contest into the mix to help make these connections happen for all of you.

Through September 14th, 2012  we’ll be running a video contest for Growing Dome owners. There will be a gift box including Growing Spaces t-shirts, magnets and stickers awarded and mailed to the first place winner. The winner will be selected based on a number of criteria including the number of views their video receives on YouTube, the number of “Likes” it receives on Facebook and staff judging of the creativity and imagination contributed. You must own a Growing Dome or be a part of a community that does to enter. The video should be no longer than 3 minutes long, posted on YouTube, and the link emailed to stacey@growingspaces.com. By sending us the link to the video you are giving us permission to repost and share the video on our website and channels.

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