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I always love January as a time for various “year in review” articles and summaries as well as my own planning and dreaming for the New Year. One thing has really struck me after “the warmest year on record” and the economic volatility that keeps us Baby Boomers working past retirement age is that many of us are still operating with caution. Most of us need to stay strong and healthy in order to work longer. There isn’t a sense of security as much as a sense of “anything can happen” as we look forward into the New Year. I am heartened though, to see the next generation caring about health for their kids, and choosing to grow their own food more and more.

It is easy to feel unsettled this New Year reading about the effect of climate change and the extinctions in our natural systems. For this reason, our work has become more meaningful to me. More and more information on Facebook and YouTube informs us about the degradation of our ecosystem  (Coral Reefs Face Massive Bleaching Event) and conversely one sees videos and articles about how miraculously nature works (How Whales Change Climate).

One really motivating film is “Origins.” It makes the point that we humans come OUT of nature, so we eat man-made food that is NOT from nature and we suffer. Ironically, I made the point of coming FROM nature in my senior thesis at University. I knew even then that we were headed for difficulties collectively due to our Western attitudes of dominance over Nature.

So, after perusing all the information that came with the various reviews of 2014, I want to say one thing: EAT REAL FOOD!! I feel that consumers need to question the typical store-bought American Diet that is full of chemicals and GMOs. Please, if you don’t understand the words on the labels, don’t eat it! “Origins” and many other sources are making the point that what we have in our supermarkets now is NOT real food. Therefore, whether purchasing organic food, growing it in pots or venturing into outside gardens and greenhouses, I encourage folks to EAT REAL FOOD as my New Years’ message this year! Ironically, I saw J. I. Rodale’s quote in this month’s collectors issue of Organic Gardening: “One of these fine days, the public is going to wake up and will pay for eggs, meats, vegetable, etc., according to how they were produced.” This issue shows the documented history of the need for and development of the organic food movement from 1942 to the present.

In 1972 Buckminster Fuller stated that we had enough inventive power and intelligence to take care of everyone on “Spaceship Earth.” “BUT”, he said, “It will take 50 years for folks to accept this idea.” Our vision was to carry his legacy forward and to follow with his design by “doing more with less.” Udgar’s vision for a protected indoor garden inside a dome that was heated and cooled by the power of the sun was different than other greenhouses. It expands the concept of a typical English Greenhouse to be more like an ecosystem which allows growing food, flowers and trees on three levels from the ground in healthy soil.

Growing Spaces, Growing Dome, Real Food

A Forest Garden in the Growing Spaces 26′ Growing Dome.

In 1989, we wanted to live in the Rocky Mountains despite the 90-day growing season. We wanted to grow our own food for health and pleasure. Simple goals, you bet!  We didn’t know when we started that our quest for healthy tastes and the pure pleasure of real food would become a “company.” We didn’t know then that later there would be issues of food safety that made our Growing Domes a safer space to grow in. We didn’t realize then that many schools would become interested in them as a living laboratory for teaching MORE than organic growing. We didn’t anticipate that back-yard gardeners would join with their neighbors to create community gardens protected from even MORE severe weather due to climate change.

In the Growing Dome, we teach people how natural systems go together, and how we can live more efficiently using natural ways. It requires a willingness to learn and openness to see from a new viewpoint. Like other things the journey of becoming a gardener begins with one step. We are here to support that learning in our company culture and offerings. For example in our new eBook series. Growing Spaces provides the tools, coaching and information to create a healthy lifestyle, and we live that lifestyle.

The clarity and awareness we are seeing in more and more values-driven businesses and organizations like ours reward me now. The excitement of being a part of a momentum for health on all levels is palpable. At Christmas, our dear friend Annalisa Mather said, “There has got to be a momentum for health on all levels.” She taught us about oil-less vegan cooking by serving us amazing meals! What an inspiring pleasure! Her blog reveals her talent and her service to us all.

The lifestyle choices each person affirms in their purchase of our product and pursuit of our education and confidence about healthy practices is our privilege to support. As we help individuals make healthy choices there is more awareness about the needs of planetary health. We are reminding folks about what is REAL in learning to make healthy choices. Our product also demonstrates that we can thrive collectively with little or no use of fossil fuels, just by learning new energy practices and coming from a more innovative viewpoint. It all works together.


  • Steve Hargis says:

    Hi, it’s me again & I see all of the wondrous growing & love it & it excites my soul so to grow. I am working with a Faith Based group that is pushing for more ways to provide commercial amounts of foods for distressed areas of the US & developing nations. They love what I am doing & I always want to improve on quality systems like ur to help more people.
    I was wondering it u have plans for commercialized systems featuring ur domes. I have been wanting to build a dome to live it plus one to grow ing. I have blessed to be showered with the lasted Ag based technologies to educated the masses about sustainable living & growing of foods utilizing only the most safest & best chooses for plants, animals & humans.
    What I am able to do with water is fantastic and I am always looking to improve my growing methods . I would be thrilled to get to work with you to advance the, “Less 2 More,” concept we both have. Thanks again, Steve Hargis 918-781-3020

  • Dear Steve,
    I am hoping Dana answered your request, but wanted to tell you that we don’t have many commercial operations, but are looking forward to the possibility of and experiment, in partnership with the local Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership. Our Growing Domes appeal to many backyard gardeners, and are now being used as a centerpiece for more and more community gardens and schools. If you have further questions please email me at [email protected].

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