Lem Tingley - CGO

Chief Growing Officer for Growing Spaces, the manufacturer of Growing Dome geodesic greenhouse kits.

Help Grow A Dome for Food Insecure Communities

These non-profits are working to increase access to locally grown organic food in their communities There are many challenges facing our planet’s agricultural systems.  Climate change, pesticides, GMOs, over-farming, soil health, corporate agriculture among many others.  Food insecurity is also a major concern, as many communities do not have access to fresh, healthy organic food. ...

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Growing Domes featured on episode of Living Big in a Tiny House

Off-Grid Tiny House Paradise in British Columbia, Canada grows year-round with three 42-foot Geodesic Dome Greenhouses This episode of Living Big in a Tiny House features the ultimate tiny house off-grid paradise, complete with three 42-foot Growing Spaces Growing Domes! Situated on 380 acres of spectacular lake-front property in BC with private hot-springs and abundant...

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