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Donate to one of these amazing School, Community or Non-Profit garden greenhouse fundraisers and Growing Spaces will match up to $500 for each project*

Navajo Nation COVID Releif

Navajo Nation has always been a food desert, with limited access to fresh, nutritious food. But they have also been greatly impacted by COVID-19, with one of the highest infection rates in the country. In response, many people in the community have been actively working towards creating more local and sustainable food sources. One of the innovators working to improve food security on the reservation is Tyrone Thompson, a Navajo Master Gardener working to revitalize dormant farm plots and build family farms and greenhouses for the reservation.

CBS recently aired a documentary about the impact COVID-19 has had on Navajo Nation, which featured Tyrone and his work. He is combining indigenous techniques with modern farming practices to create local and sustainable agricultural systems and improve the health and wellness of the tribe.

Udgar and Puja were always strong supporters of Navajo Nation, and built two Growing Domes at the reservation. We will also be donating a 26’ Growing Dome Greenhouse this fall for Navajo Gardens, a family farm near Tuba City, AZ. They are creating gardens for their local elders to have access to local, fresh, healthy foods! Tyrone created a Facebook fundraising page for people to help with site preparation, raised bed materials, organic soil, irrigation lines, water tanks, fencing and other growing supplies. You can also donate to the Official Navajo Nation COVID relief fund.



Urban Growers Collective Chicago, IL

Rooted in growing food, Urban Growers Collective cultivates nourishing environments which support health, economic development, healing and creativity through urban agriculture in Chicago, IL

They offer a variety of programs including Adult Job Training, New Farm Incubation, Teen Education and Food Access & Justice.  They also recently built a 42-foot Growing Dome at the South Chicago farm and community garden to provide training, mentoring, and coaching for individuals to obtain increased agricultural and growing capacity, with a focus on individuals from communities with a lack of food access.

Every contribution makes a big difference. Please consider donating today to strengthen their cause.


Mattersville Vets

Growing Spaces strongly supports those who serve our country and are very proud of the veterans we have on our team. We have recently partnered with Mattersville Vets, a non-profit that is building off-grid tiny home communities for veterans with PTSD. What is even more unique, is they are also building a wolf sanctuary and actively adopting wolves and wolf-dogs that need a home. They are training the hybrids to help the vets living in the community cope with PTSD. Even building pens under their beds, and training them to recognize and provide comfort when the vets are having PTSD related nightmares.

They have a gardener on staff to grow their own food and provide a healthy nutritious diet for the Vets. To help the community be more sustainable and self-sufficient year-round, we are donating a 26’ Growing Dome Greenhouse for the Sedalia development. But they also need help with site prep, bed materials, soil, gardening supplies and seeds.

Sponsoring a wolf will help provide the means to take care of the wolf-dogs, while donations will go to the housing and sustainability of the veterans. You can also donate directly to the Growing Dome greenhouse project, which will help with site-prep, raised bed materials, organic soil, and other gardening supplies. Simply specify ‘Growing Spaces Greenhouse’ when making your donation.



The Hoover Greenhouse Project

The Hoover Greenhouse Project is a student-motivated initiative to build a greenhouse-garden center at Herbert Hoover High School in Glendale, CA. The project is approved by the school and district administrations. The plan is a 33-foot diameter geodesic dome greenhouse surrounded by garden-landscaping. The center is themed around the ideals of futurism and optimism.

The mission of the project is to cultivate a space that will provide a beautiful atmosphere, emphasize community, bring students closer together and boost the reputation and spirit of Hoover High School. It aims to inform and inspire people, specifically students, to see possibilities for a bright and sustainable future.  Additional facets of the project envision the start of a garden-education program, greenhouse club, and food-supply for the school’s culinary program.

Beyond its mission, the project aims to inspire the school community, specifically students, to see that a brighter tomorrow is possible.  The Greenhouse Center will be a celebration of life, community, and the future.


The Project Team and Hoover Community are very grateful for all donations and support!  Help Us Build The Future!

SCENE Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries on earth, is a country in West Africa bordered by Guinea, Liberia, and the Atlantic Ocean.  The Sierra Leone civil war resulted in the destruction of 1,270 primary schools, and in 2001, 67% of all school-age children were out of school. The situation has improved considerably since then with primary school enrollment doubling between 2001 and 2005 and the reconstruction of many schools since the end of the war.

SCENE (Supporting Community Educational Needs & Endeavors) is working in the town of Adonkia, Freetown to improve existing infrastructure to ensure students have a decent place to attend school. Most of the schools are overcrowded and in great need of benches, tables, chalkboards and other basic supplies to provide the needs of the students.  SCENE also provided the funds for materials for the community to build three water spigots that provide access to clean water.  The spigots have become a daily gathering spot for members of the community.

Adonkia has become a sister city to Golden, Colorado through the efforts of Golden High School teacher and varsity soccer coach Larry Harding and his wife Brenda (featured in this video).  Golden Soccer donates uniforms and soccer equipment to the students in Adonkia and puts on an annual golf tournament.  Growing Spaces will be sponsoring the fundraiser on April 25, 2020 and hopes to work with Larry and Brenda on building a Growing Dome in the future.  You can also contact Lem Tingley directly about this fundraiser.



Organizations We Support

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