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News and Events, Fall/Winter 2021

Stratton School has expanded the garden program to include a grow dome, allowing the program to run through all but the coldest months.

“The goal of the garden program is to provide a sustainable, alternative food experience for students and faculty that encourages hands-on learning, health, and well-being at Eustis School,” Wuori said. “Stratton School wants all students to leave Stratton with the knowledge of food choice and the importance of community through understanding local resources.”

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Beautiful Greenhouse in New Hampshire

Terry believes that the Growing Dome is more than just a backyard greenhouse and encourages "others to look at it as a piece of art. It's just so cool!" Terry spends many nights 'glamping' in her Growing Dome, and has added many other artistic touches like a fireplace, colorful LED lights, and even spray painted her pond with a beautiful sunset scene.

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Sustainable Greenhouse

Michael and Susan are both educators committed to making the world a better place whenever they can. In June of 2013, they purchased an 18' Growing Dome. Their dream was to create a sustainable greenhouse that balances natural and man-made environments while growing food year-round.

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Community Rallies Around Jay Middle School in Maine

By Bobbie Hanstein • Jun 13th, 2010 On Saturday, about 100 or so volunteers helped assemble a geodesic Growing Dome Greenhouse at Jay Middle School in Maine. The design and grant funding for the geodesic dome greenhouse at Jay Middle School is thanks to two 14-year-old students. The actual construction of the 22-foot-radius wood and...

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Jay Middle School in Maine Receives Grants for School Greenhouse

Science, technology, engineering and math took center stage Saturday as Jay Middle School students and about 100 volunteers erected a 22-foot-diameter geodesic dome to grow produce year-round for the school cafeteria and an area food pantry. “It’s more than just a springtime greenhouse,” Jay Middle School teacher Rob Taylor said of the Growing Spaces LLC...

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