Growing Domes Featured on Episode of Living Big in a Tiny House

Off-Grid Tiny House Paradise in British Columbia, Canada Grows Year-Round With Three 42-foot Geodesic Dome Greenhouses

42' Community Greenhouses in Canada
Three 42 foot Growing Domes in British Columbia Canada

This episode of Living Big in a Tiny House features the ultimate tiny house off-grid paradise, complete with three 42-foot Growing Spaces Growing Domes! Situated on 380 acres of spectacular lake-front property in BC with private hot-springs and abundant wildlife, the land will eventually be home to a fully functioning off-the-grid, solar-powered community of tiny homes which will be placed amongst a network of geodesic dome greenhouses growing organic food. The first of the homes are already in place, with ingenious design and high-quality craftsmanship. Dome Grown Organics owner Kathleen takes us through the property and shares her vision for an amazing future.

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Lem Tingley Chief Growing Officer
My wife Liz and I acquired Growing Spaces in April 2018. We are excited to promote sustainable and healthy lifestyles through the manufacturing and installation of the Growing Dome.


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