Types of Greenhouses


We’ve compared various types of Greenhouses and found out that low cost greenhouses such as hoop houses and pit greenhouses are readily available, and they are quite popular. You’re initial investment upfront is less; they also only extend your growing season by a small amount, cost a lot to heat and cool, and the covering needs to be replaced frequently. The other thing to consider when you look at your climate is that they are not as strong and are liable to be damaged by heavy snow and high wind. The quality greenhouses cost more, but are stronger and last longer, and some of them can significantly extend your growing season.

 Types of Greenhouses Hoop
Pit Greenhouse Attached Greenhouse Traditional Style Growing Dome®

Some of the things you may want to compare when buying a greenhouse

 the arch of the greenhouse tomato seedlings in early spring  Pit Greenhouse  Attached Greenhouse 1  Small greenhouse in backyard  Growing Spaces Growing Dome
Price $ $ $$$$-$$$$$ $$$-$$$$$ $$$$
Growing Seasons 2 3 4 3 4
Heating Costs High Low Low Moderate-High Low
Longevity 3-5 Years >3 10-15 years 5-10 years 15-20 Years
Foundation None Yes – Underground Yes Possibly Possibly
Strength of Framework Low-Moderate Determined by Owner Good Moderate-Good Excellent
Snow Load Strength Low Low High Moderate High
Wind Resistance Low Moderate Moderate Low/Moderate High
Glazing Single/double layer Single layer, thin film Multiple options Multiple options Polycarbonate Panels
Meets Local Building Codes No/Possibly No/Possibly Yes Possibly Yes
Available Light Good Poor Good Good Excellent

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