We’ll be at the Rodale Institute Growing Dome this month!

School Gardening

For all of you who followed the 33’ Growing Dome build at Rodale Institute this Spring you might remember our Ambassador, Richard Miller, who supervised the installation of the Growing Dome. Growing Spaces is happy to sponsor Richard Miller returning to Rodale Institute to attend a Shumei Natural Agriculture Conference July 26-27, 2013.

The two day seminar entitled: “Garden. Life. Balance: Growing the Shumei Natural Agricultural Way”. This seminar teaches the basic principles, scientific theories, and the how-to of  Shumei Natural Agriculture. Natural Agriculture is simple, affordable and sustainable as it does not require any additives, chemicals or fertilizers. Natural Agriculture was founded in Japan in the 1930’s by Mokichi Okada and is based on a highly developed philosophy of life and is intimately tied to the physical and spiritual laws that govern the universe. It’s more than a system of food production – it’s a way of life.  To learn more about Natural Agriculture visit the Shumei International Institute website.

Growing Spaces is happy to invite anyone wanting to visit our new 33’ Growing Dome at the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA to attend this valuable conference. Richard Miller would be more than willing to show you the Growing Dome, and discuss its features that enable produce production year round. To contact Richard about the event email him at: rmiller@growingspaces.com.


  • Looks wonderful. I am so grateful to have Richard and Janet Miller there with the Shumei/Rodale connection. I so honor and respect them both, for a long history of very important teaching about organic gardening.

  • So glad to find out the Rodale Institute has a growing dome; in fact in an email I was told they have two! They are just 60 miles from where I live. Looks like a day trip for me in the Spring to see and go inside my first Growing Spaces Dome in person. Can’t wait!

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