Building a Greenhouse – Greenhouse Kit Installation

Installing the Growing Dome® Greenhouse Kits

Building a greenhouse from one of our kits is easy. The following information can help you in choosing a site, give you an overview of installation options and provide information that may be needed by planning and zoning officials.

Selecting a Site for Your Greenhouse Kit.

Planning and Zoning Department concerns related to hobby greenhouses or residential greenhouses.

Greenhouse Foundation Options for our Growing Domes.

Growing Dome Installation Options.

  • Complete Greenhouse Kit Owner Installation: Owners can install Growing Dome solar greenhouse kits by following the instructions in the manual and installation videos supplied with each of our Growing Spaces® Growing Domes. We recommend that at least a party of 2 people do the installation of the green houses, though some tasks can be done alone.


  • Supervised Greenhouse Kit Owner Installation: We can provide a supervisor to work with the owner and owner-hired crew to install Growing Dome solar greenhouse kits. See Greenhouse Installation Page for costs based on the Growing Dome size you order. When you choose supervised greenhouse installation, separate travel, lodging and per diem costs for the supervisor also apply. Call or [email protected] for a custom installation quote to assemble your greenhouse kit.


  • Greenhouse Kit Full Crew Installation: We can provide a Supervisor along with a Certified Growing Dome Installation Crew to construct your geodesic greenhouse kit for you, which is the easiest way of building a greenhouse for many hobby greenhouse owners. Budgeting for building a greenhouse is easy, as we build the Growing Dome for a set price, according to size. See our Greenhouse Installation Page for costs. Separate travel, lodging and per diem costs for the crew members also apply. Call or email us for a Growing Dome custom installation quote.

 Dome owner Installation Videos