Growing Dome Greenhouse Customization Options

Make your Greenhouse uniquely yours

Call Growing Spaces to discuss options to customize your foundation wall siding and greenhouse door to match your home or landscaping. Many HOAs require that the aesthetic of the Growing Dome match the style of your home or neighborhood. This is easy to do by matching the siding and door to your home. Either by painting the siding and door that comes with the Growing Dome, or ordering them custom. The 18′, 26′, 33′, and 42′ Growing Dome come standard with a pre-hung 36″ X 80″ door. The 15′ and 22′ Growing Dome come standard with a pre-hung 32″ X 80″ door, so it can be easily replaced with another style.

Growing Spaces can also help you plan and build your interior planting beds to meet your needs. Call us to review our plans, get cut lists or see if our crews can help build the beds as part of the installation (currently only available in Colorado). Exterior beds around the Growing Dome also make a beautiful addition to the landscape, and add additional insulation for your interior perimeter planting beds.