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The Company…Where Independence Thrives

garden greenhouse company photoOur desire is to support others who want to live sustainable, healthy lives.
The innovation of our own company’s product, an innovative garden greenhouse, came directly out of our desire to live in health and balance.
One of the best ways we can serve our future is to support the work and designs of those intending to go green around the world.
Neighborhoods are very important in our era, and groups who band together can often become more self-sufficient and safe in their way of greenhouse growing spaces
It is our pleasure, as a small company based on this foundational experience, to lovingly provide the Growing Dome® as a special garden greenhouse for schools, families, farms, community groups and neighborhoods, as well as backyard garden enthusiasts.
Because our beginning as a company came from making a “choice for health,” our wish is to be in direct alignment with the fact that we can all help ourselves to increased self-sufficiency and quality of life.
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