Our Values

conscious business

Mentoring environmental responsibility

Pointing to nature and letting nature teach is our job, and we delight in helping people become aware that natural living systems show us the way. Important components of the natural living systems are the rhythm and flow in our lives. We are willing to stand up and walk our talk in terms of striving to live in an environmentally responsible way. We educate by sharing but not proselytizing. We model “living lightly on the earth” wherever possible.

Willing to grow

As a growth company, we foster an environment that is conducive to supporting each other in our evolution. In this environment we are encouraged to grow and become more full humans. We encourage people’s humanity. We do not have a model of perfection, and are willing to forgive ourselves and others for our mistakes. This is part of being a conscious business.

See challenges as opportunities

We ask if there’s a gift or an opportunity in a challenging situation. We stay with the situation long enough and deeply enough so that the challenge can become a gift. We are willing to investigate rather than condemn and ask, “Is there a different way to do this”?

Living in discovery

As a learning organization, we are willing to look with fresh eyes. Living in response rather than reaction helps us have a direction rather than a goal. We are willing to ask, “What else is there to learn about this?” We are willing to not always be in control and practice with non-attachment and adaptability. Asking the question, “What if all is very well?” can bring us into a place of trust in a benevolent universe.

Honest Communication

We are committed to being skillful in our interactions with each other and ourselves. Coming from integrity gives you a chance to be more creative, more powerful, and more substantial. Telling the truth gets to the goal more efficiently and much faster. We are committed to holding each other with compassion in our communication.


We celebrate everything and remember not to take ourselves too seriously. Celebrate that we are able to show up and have the opportunity to succeed. Celebrate that we are willing to stay engaged.

Living in balance

It’s important as individuals to nurture ourselves. We are of more value if we perform at our optimum level of production and not over. We are always learning how to nurture and refuel our body, mind, and spirit. We offer our community a supportive environment for healthy living.