Home Gardens: Where Serenity Thrives

Home Gardens: Where Serenity Thrives

sanctuary house dome greenhouseJoin thousands of home owners who are saving money and increasing their health and wellness through our Growing Domes®.

Enjoy fresh basil in the winter…or the peace of mind knowing the fruits, vegetables and herbs your family is eating are from your own year-round garden.

home greenhouses quoteThere’s nothing more reassuring and satisfying than growing your food to feed the family. For many home gardeners, especially in cold locations, setting up a greenhouse is essential to having a succession of fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits throughout the year.

But traditional designs and limited know-how could lead to future problems with the greenhouse. Growing Spaces’ prefabricated residential greenhouse kit is the solution to this concern.

Featuring a passive solar design, geodesic dome shape, and energy-efficient elements, our residential Growing Dome is just what you need to maintain a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Not only will you have an eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and productive greenhouse, you’ll also have a quiet retreat to commune with nature and bond with the family. It’s easy and fun to assemble, as well.
Owning a Growing Dome is an investment that pays for itself in just a few years — all the while providing organic, nutritious food, subsistence, and a greater quality of life for the whole family. But don’t just take it from us – take it from our customers who are now harnessing the power of growing their food.

Ready to build your own Growing Dome? Call us at 800-753-9333 or fill out our Request a Quote form and we’ll help you make an informed choice.

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